So, in Creative Writing, we were given the task of writing 2 or 3 Haikus.

So, the day before it was due to share with our editing groups, at night right before I went to bed, I was trying to think of a Haiku.

My mind ended up drifting to Kuroko no Basket...and then I remembered a fanfiction I'm writing where Kuroko is a basketball and it's from his point of view. So I decided to base my first Haiku off of that.

The basketball cries
Throughout the entire court
Seemlessly quiet

So when I showed it to a guy, name was Hector, in our temporary editing group, he laughed! >.>

But then he said it was cute so it was fine >.>

Then the Professor asked us if we wanted to share some of our Haikus we wrote.

So after those who volunteered went, freaking Hector, that b*****d, called out and said that I wanted to share one of mines, in which I had no choice but to do it because everyone was focused on me.

I hate it when people are focused on me!

So much attention! Not used to it! emotion_donotwant


Yeah, I was kinda cringing when my Professor said that we'll be doing Poems first because I'm not the Poetic type. Buuuut I'll get through it somehow.