I was being taken to Las Vegas and said I'd never been there before and that it would be my first time out of state. I was excited. I was with someone named Sora Takenouchi from Digimon and she wore a wedding dress. Someone who knew her before still liked her. We were in this area, a meditating center in Madera.

Sora and some guy were going down a hill to their vehicles. The guy went to his SUV and Sora went to her car. Both vehicles were white. I asked her if she would want to be with that guy and she laughed and said no. I thought to myself that she was faithful.

There were two dogs behind these cages. One's name was Surrey, an older dog compared to the one in the cage next to him. I was inside as well and I petted Surrey to see if he would be willing to get up, but he didn't. He'd rise just a bit, but that's as far as he'd go.

Then there was a cat and the next thing I thought of was Homeward Bound. The cat tried to encourage the dogs to try making an escape, and the dog in the other cage who was supposed to be Chance was excited about this. Surrey said something about how ridiculous it was for animals to talk.

The cat left and suddenly I was sneaking around above the kennel, in between the building and the ceiling, just like one would sneak around by going through the vents in a movie. Except this was spacious and I was walking on pipes. I heard a sound and we began to run away.

We found a place to hide. The area diverged in two parts. I went to the right because it was darker. The left had light and some people went for those kids on the left as they were singing and letting themselves be caught. Once the children were taken away, someone where I was hiding said something aloud, but he was immediately hushed.

The head of a doll rolled right out from where we were and we hoped the people who took the children away would just take the doll's head and leave. I woke up.

I was in a cafeteria at a school I once attended. I saw a fat chef there and he served me food, but all I remember was taking mashed potatoes. It was in the form of a ball and I picked it up with my bare hands. I tried eating it, but then it got stuck in my mouth.

I began to sneak away and hide behind a wall, hoping no one would see me. To my left was a door, which I opened. It led me to a bathroom and there were people inside. I saw a toilet filled with a lot of dung and someone kept trying to flush it, but it wasn't flushing. I can't recall if I woke up.

I was with my brother and we were up in some area. It was nighttime and the next thing we heard was someone crash. So my brother and I go to look over from where we were at. Below was some female on a motorcycle. Her lights were on and she was spinning around.

More people were with us and they were telling her to do things or whatever, but she didn't like that. I gave her a thumbs up and I guess she liked that. It looked like she was going to be part of a new television series and everyone who had seen what happened actually saw a sneak peek.

The woman didn't like the other people though and they didn't like her because they were saying she wasn't putting out. Then it was morning and my brother and I went to see this woman again, but I went a different way. I was moving across the edge of a building and using my hands to hold myself up by using the railing above.

There wasn't much room so I could have fallen. Below me were a lot of Chinese people and I couldn't get to the other side because I was worried I'd fall on some of them if I tried. So I remained where I was and there were more Chinese people. Then some Chinese man was coming from my left to tell some other man to leave his daughter alone.