He woke with a start, sitting up. He looked around. It was dark and his eyes took a minute to adjust. He took in his surroundings. The woods. But how? The last thing he could remember was walking home with his twin brother. But where was he now? Gage became frightened. "Giles!? Where are you?" He called to the darkness. Gage and Giles have always been close. Now in a few days they will be thirteen. He stood up slowly. Realizing he's been hurt. His arm might be broken and his head is hurting so bad it felt like it would explode. "Giles! This isn't funny! Whatever joke you played got me hurt!" He yelled. No answer. He had to get out, get home. But first he needed to figure out where in the woods he was. He looked around for anything familiar as he walked. It felt like he was walking for hours. When he finally found a landmark telling him where he was at, he took off running.

It took him at least two hours to get home. The door was locked and he didn't have a key. He pounded on the door and yelled. "Mom! Dad! Giles! It's me! Gage! Open the door!" He was hitting the solid metal door with his good arm. The front porch light came on and the door flew open. Both perents and Giles stood there in shock as the looked at Gage. His mother opened the door first and pulled him in a tight hug, crying. "Oh Gage! We thought..." she broke off. "Ow! Mom! My arm! Watch it!" She drew back and looked at him. "Oh, your head! We need to take you to the hospital."
He looked at Giles, who was crying. His hair was
shorter. Giles walked up.to him and hugged him. "Why did you cut your hair Giles? It was fine the way it was." Giles stepped back. "Mom, dad, can I talk to him for a minute?" He didn't wait for and answer. He grabbed Gage by his good wrist and took him upstairs to his room. He closed the door behind him and locked it.

"Gage, there is no easy way to tell you this, but you've been missing longer than you think. What's the last thing you remember, and what day month and year." Confused, Gage answered. "You and I were walking home from school. October 27th, 1999.why are you asking me?" He was almost afraid of the answer. Giles put a hand on his shoulder. "Gage, it's October 29th 2002. You've been missing for three years." He suddenly felt sick. "But, you don't look different. No taller. And, how can I just forget three years!? There's no way! We can't be fourteen almost fifteen! It makes no sense!" He collapsed on his brother's bed. "Giles, I'm scared. What happened to me?" Giles sat next to him. "I don't know but It's been scaring the s**t out of me."