So I find myself with quite a bit of free time lately, and have decided it's finally time to make an archive of my favorite characters, be they from rps or from dnd. I will be doing so here, obviously. All the profiles will have the same basic format of the following;

Gender: (Expect this to be male. A lot.)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

...and that's how it will be done. Pretty basic, I know, but the reason is that the characters do change depending on the scenarios I put them in. A few extra points; For Alignment I will be using the dungeons and dragons third edition nine-block alignment system. My personal belief on alignments is that they are not something a character truly is, but what they usually are. In short, the alignment is how they generally act, though they could be forced or provoked to commit acts that might be out of their alignment. This works for both evil and good, chaotic and lawful. Setting is the environment I usually put these characters into.

I usually play the good guys in most rps and dnd games, so I'm going to start with my bad guys first. I've never played these three gents in any rp, actually, but I'm hoping to fix that soon. Well, here we go...

"When I return, I will make the Matriarchs pay for ever drop of male Drow blood that has been spilled under their rule. After I am through with them, they will regret everything they have done to us."
Zak'Thrae Ouseep