I find that games made for younger kids are super fun.

There's this kid in me that just screams out "uwaaah! IT'SH TOO CUTE. 4laugh " every time I see a really cute game.

So, surfing the AppStore, I stumbled upon this app called Rumble Kitten. It was too cute to avoid so, just out of curiosity, I installed it.

It opened with a "gaia interactive" screen, and I freaked out. Gaia! I love thee! And thy apps.

It's really an adorable game. I'm a sucker for adorableness. Especially in games.

I mean, I like games that aren't too cute, too, but having something like that is always a bonus.

Like, in final fantasy, chocobos are irresistibly cute. Then again, in final fantasy, I like how everything looks, even the normal characters.

I think that, in regards to anything, really, I like non-humans. In reality, I roam the streets passing by normal people living normal lives and, honestly, it's not all that interesting.

In games, they add in the concepts of monsters and special humans, and half-humans, and all kinds of desirable things. I love it!

I really like female characters that are capable of cool stuff. My favourites would probably Ibuki, from Street Fighters, and Tsubaki, from Soul Eater. A lot of people might not agree with my choice, but hey! They're awesome.

Ibuki is a bit weak, to be honest, but she's capable of a lot. I got a yellow skin for her. Yellow's my favourite colour, btw. She's so pretty. It makes me feel pretty when I play with her character.

Tsubaki is quiet and very smart. She reminds me of how I used to be... minus the smart part. She's not too strong, in my opinion, but I really like her personality. Or, at least, I like how she is portrayed. Considering she's not a real person, she wouldn't have unlimited information about her.

But anyways, yeah. I wouldn't consider myself a gamer-girl simply because I think that term is stupid. I play games, sure. I also reserve time for journalling (not a real word..?) and other forms of art.

And I can't forget academics. Games get in the way of my grades. It hinders my potential.

Likewise, school interferes with my social life with friends and such.

I would appreciate if their was a break were there was absolutely NOTHING to be due the week after.

I had a teacher who assigned my class something, I forgot what, before the Christmas break. She said she didn't want us to do any work over the break, so she made it due the day after we come back from school.

Note to teachers: that still gives us homework. Simply giving us the day we come back to school to finish a project isn't enough. If you're going to make it due the day after, may as well have it due the day we return! Same difference.

In the student's perspective, more time is pleasant. That is, assuming the extension doesn't interrupt any exciting plans in the future.

ANYWAYS, I am getting extremely side-tracked.

In case you weren't informed previously, I don't quite plan what I talk about in my journal entries. I pick a title and write about it for a while. That's why the title isn't always accurate to the journal entry's content.

I do like childish games though.

Do make the distinction between childish games and children games.

"Can you find one?" No. No, I can't find one. I've only learnt that 12 years ago.

And, no, I'm not 12 years old. I learned my number a few years after I was born. Do some estimation.

I like games with childish content. Things that look simple are appealing.
In Monster Galaxy, cute monsters = win.

I remember playing Monster Galaxy when it originally came out on facebook. It collected a whole bunch, and then the game kind of dragged on.

A few years later, I found out that Gaia is hosting the same game. I thought, "Oh. Monster Galaxy is on Gaia, too?"

Then, just yesterday, I find a Monster Galaxy app hosted by Gaia Interactive and I got really confused. I'm started to think Monster Galaxy was started by Gaia online, but that's impossibru (yeah, impossibru) because it was on facebook before it was on Gaia, and who knows where it's been before that!

So if someone can clear that up for me, that'd be ever so generous of you.

Anyhow, I've got homework due tomorrow. Thank you for reading! Pardon the grammatical errors, and good night if it's night where you are!

As a reminder, at the end of every entry, I'll submit a few lyrics from a song. If you can, in a comment to this entry, give the song title and artist, I'll reward you!

Today's journal entry's lyric excerpt is:
Pardon the way that I stare is nothing else to compare
The sign of you usually weak there are no words left to speak
But if you feel like I feel please let me know that it's real