I see it out of the corner of my eye. I grab it, turning. I guess I get to deal with him. He grabs a knife from his boot. I let his leg go, grabbing my knife. He trys to cut me, but I deflect it with my knife. We go back and forth, punches flying along with knives, until I hit his stomach. A little higher, and I would of gotten the spider attached to him. The cut went through his scar from the licker, so the bleeding is worse than it would have been, but not enough to slow him down. He suddenly tackles me. Then, we're on the ground. He has a knife close to my throat, and I'm trying to hold it back. His arm starts to go away from me, shaky. The knife drops, and I grab it. Chris,"Take it off. I can't control my self long."
I grab it. After a few seconds, it's off. Chris takes a sigh of relief, then loses his balance. He falls on me. I roll him over and see what this has done to him. He's lost all of his strength. I grab the pills from Ada, seeing only two left. I let them fall into my hand and throw the capsule to the side,"Chris, take these."
He opens his eyes and hesitates, but takes them. A second later, he sits up,"What the h*** is that?"
"From Ada."
He nods and gets up. We look over at the others who seem to be holding up,"Any ideas on how to take him down?"
He nods,"Those spiders are electrical. He has a lot. What happens when water and electricity mix?"
He smiles and so do I,"Let's find out."