Piers curses under his breath. He got one of us....this could be his turning point if we're not careful. We take Claire's advice, walking in the other direction.
After at least an hour of walking, my side's killing me again. My breath is heavier, and I'm walking slower than earlier. I can feel the sweat running down my face. The other's have obviously noticed. Ada and Claire are whispering back and forth to one another in front of Piers and I which makes me wonder. The two of them, plotting....wonderful. We take a right and walk into a door at the end of the short hallway. It's a storage area. Piers helps me sit against a wall. I try not to let anyone know my pain, but I can't help wincing. The wall is cold, which is soothing in a way. Claire kneels next to me and places a hand on my shoulder,"We can take a break here. It's only a few more minutes until we'll be out of here once we start walking again. Take it easy until then."
"I can continue walking."
I realize then that I should of waited to speak. My voice is weak and small. Concern is on her face, but she manages a small, reassuring smile. Putting a light hand on my cheek, she talks softer than she had before,"We have time to take a break. Just get some rest."
I take a deep breath, then sigh. Once Claire has her mind set, I can't change it. Ada, Piers, annd Claire sit after a few minutes. Soon after, they decide that they can't allow the stay to continue any longer. I start to get up, the pain surrfacing again. Piers puts one arm behind my shoulders and the other under my knees. In a second, I'm lifted. A new pain hits my side and I grab my side. Piers,"Sorry, I should of lifted you slower. I'm going to carry you out of here."
I take a deep breath,"You don't have to do this."
He nods,"I know, but your in no condition to be walking. You should be on bed rest. You we're just shot the other day."
I sigh,"Thanks."
He smiles, and carries me out. Not having to walk help with the pain, extremely.