Day 2

I hate math, so what does my math teacher do? Assign us an extra butt-load of it to be done by mid-trimester (Kind of like Semesters but with a tri-) for suckers like me to do the day before. It doesn't really help that I've researched and written a three page paper on why I should not have to be taking Algebra (/).-) Smart move on my part, eh? I guess not knowing SOME information can be useful.

I've done a bit of lurking and wandering around here now, and it's still TOTALLY foreign crying . I guess it takes more than a day to walk up to someone and say "HELLO THERE!" for me :L I'm not the most social fish in the fish tank. Or crayon in the box. Or flower in a bouquet. Or whatever saying that's not really a saying you desire.

Please excuse the snail