This... is my RPC

Abel: The Sumerian Undying One.

Abilities include: Superhuman strength that is allowing him to rip through a reinforced steel security door over the course of four minutes of sustained assault.

Super human speed allowing Abel to clear over 64 meters of distance in under three seconds.

Superhuman durability as was shown in a fight with gunmen he was shot multiple times with a .50 caliber BMG round to the head and survived for several minutes to continue killing, despite severe damage to the cerebellum.

Swat handgun and assault-rifle caliber bullets out of the air with a length of steel rebar.

Survived for over one hour deprived of oxygen before finally asphyxiating.

However his most unusual skill, is his ability to apparently materialize bladed weapons out of nowhere. Slow-motion video footage reveals that the blades in question are actually pulled from a miniature dimensional rift described as a "small hole in space." Where this portal leads is unknown, as is how Abel is capable of generating said rifts. Footage of the blades in question shows them to be made out of a completely non-reflective black material appearing as a "black void in space."

Upon death, Abel's remains will putrefy rapidly, until reduced to dust. The coffin which contains Abel within will then slam shut with great force, and the lock will rotate, sealing it shut.Abel will then reform within the coffin, a process taking anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks.