"WHY! Why did you choose me!!!! I have no true purpose in this world nor any world!!!!" I dropped to my knees wondering why I was chosen after Jack Frost. My sword lied next to me the blade broken off the handle after my fight. Tears formed in my eyes as I was remebering my life before I became a Guardian. "I didn't save anyone....I tried too...I am nothing more than a monster that wants to be normal.

"Don't say that Alex" North said as he looked over me. He studied me and Jack sat next to me. "Jack wondered the same thing" He explained

"North's right Alex. You were chosen for your deeds because you were trying to protect the ones you love. I saved my sister, that's how I became a Guardian." His blue eyes stared at my red eyes. "Demonic Vampire or not, I mean look at a few of us! We're not all normal."

I looked down and of course it was my first time here. When Tooth came in, "OH! You must be the newest Guardian!!!!" and she looked in my mouth, and because she did that my fangs happened to appear. "They are white, even from drinking blood!"

I growled, and that she moved. "Listen I understand I did good when I was trying to protect Hollow Bastion but still why me this makes no sense on why you guys want me here."

Bunny looked at me "Alex, you were chosen because you WANT to protect others. Because of what you went through, you don't want anyone to go through what you went through. It's obvious....now are you with us in this or not?"

"Yeah I am. Plus if you need me give me a call I'll keep my eyes and ears open for anything that comes our way. Also alert me of something I went through, and it HAS to be more than a butt whipping we all get those as kids understand?" with that they nodded and Jack smiled "I like you already Alise"

I chuckled grabbed the two pieces of my sword and the heat from my hands mended the sword. "Guardians Gift...my limit break..Guardians Curse....my other form...Demons Curse...." I smiled opened a Dark Corridor and left.