The imfirmary was filled with busy nurses and a couple healers looking over their

charges forms. Healer Vasiliy was tired and rather depressed about seeing a

familar person laying on one of the uncomfortable cots. It really was sad that Thais,

a very strong and talented girl, was so easily finding her way in there on a regular

basis. It wasn't like she couldn't fight back if she wanted, she was the strongest

warrior in the Council, the reason she was the Reaper. But she never did fight

back, ever, they had drove it in her that she must always bow down to the Head of

the Council.

"How is her eye?" Macall asked his face covered by his palms in sarrow and regret.

"She will be fine, although she will not have use of her left eye again. A simple

patch will put her back to standard. So Macall, you should go and get some sleep,"

Vasiliy said trying to comfort the boy.

Macall did as told and left to go sulk in his room. He should have known that they

wouldn't punish him, he was considered important because he was to be the next

Head. But the hot iron in his gut was much worse after watching Thais being

charged with his crimes. If anything she was the one least responsible for his

runaway, she was the only reason he didn't try to leave before.

Her eyes were what keep him there, his only friend's sad but sweet gaze. It

frustrated him to no end when he noticed the way the Undertaker acted around her,

he was much to close for comfort.

Macall twisted his gloves and chewed his lip trying to find a way to make everything

better, but it seemed grim and nearly impossible. Really, he was only one person.

How could he save his only friend from such constant pain?

"How can I do it?" he asked rubbing his sore, puffy eyes.