D1: I was walking down a different path I now normally walk down. Where there is supposed to be a bank was instead some other building. I entered through it and there were many compartments where one might expect cubicles should be instead. The walls surrounding these areas were made of glass.

I open a glass door that let me out, but I was still in a building. I walked forward and then turned to my right where I saw a woman standing on a large rock. Around it were bars like the kind you see in museums. There was also a lion and many lionesses. The woman asked me if I could watch the animals.

I gave out a cry of some sort and she told me to keep it down because this would rile up the cats, but it was too late. One lioness jumped down and began to approach me. I walked back and told it to stay away. It eventually left me alone, but another lioness jumped down and tried clawing at me.

I returned to where I came from and closed the glass door as the lioness tried to attack. The door didn't shut, so I held it in place. I don't remember if I woke up, but I found myself in that place again, but on the opposite side. I saw a lioness and peeked my head to the left.

A few people there laughed and said it remembered me. Then I turned around and saw a house cat that was black and white. I knelt down and began to pet it.

D2: I was at my old house in the living room and there was my step-dad and step-brother. I was sitting in a seat trying to watch T.V. My step-brother came by and sat on the arm of my chair. He was somewhat in my way because the chair was partially in the opposite direction of the T.V., so I was kind of looking off to my right.

My step-brother moved a bit more and got in my way still, but I didn't say anything. I got out of my seat eventually and sat down on the ground and petted the dog that was lying down. On T.V. was a kid who was supposed to actually be Macaulay Culkin, the kid from Home Alone.

D3: I was with my brother and we walked down a road to catch a bus. Once we were on, we sat down and it was now like a light rail. My brother got up from his seat and then someone came by and sat down where my brother had been. I turned around and said to the guy, "My brother is sitting here."

Then my brother returned and said the same thing, but the guy didn't move. He instead told my brother to sit in another seat. So my brother sat across from me and he was talking to some kid. Then the guy started talking and I thought he wasn't as bad as he had seemed.

My brother asked the person next to him if he would like to buy pizza. I asked why he would buy pizza and that I'm not going to eat any of it. Suddenly, we were in some grocery store and there were a number of people. The person who took my brother's seat had left, so someone else took the seat.

My brother was bothered by this and said, "He didn't give me my seat back" because the person who took my brother's seat was being inconsistent. So that guy and three others were seated around a white, rectangular table. I began walking away with papers in my hand, but then I realized I was missing something.

I turned around and asked where my binder was. No one knew, but I persisted because I felt like they were lying. Then the guy who had taken my brother's seat started acting like an a*****e toward me. I found a binder and it was open, and I looked through it and it had some inappropriate material.

I took it and gave it to my brother, telling the people at the table that I didn't care if they had inappropriate material, but I wanted my binder back. Then, for some strange reason, some guy showed me a 6 oz. yogurt and I saw strawberries on it. I said, "I like strawberries. That's pretty good."

I was still angry about the situation, however, and the guy was acting like a complete douchebag. So I told the guy he thinks he is "slack" and walked away. They laughed and I realized that I meant "slick", but I felt they knew what I meant anyway.