today i did a pyramid style arm lifts on the bench :3 staring at 15 i did 20 and worked up to 45 doing 20 each one (iterations of

then i pumpped iron small weights, a set 5 3 times sad this is nothing compared to what i used o do, but i was advised by the doct to start at a small amounts and build up, and to have 2 differnt exercise patterns for two differnt days. one easy one harder. :3.

i allso ran for an hour, in speed iteration of 6.0 and 8.0. practicing my burst though i dont know why other then it burns up the frustration of not being as big or strong as i was during wrestling,football or soccer. but i degress this is hte real world and i dont have time to hammer out hours of practice and i have to stay to a simple plan to get the best possible use of my time.