Nothing's changed since I made that journal entry... stare
Still as horny as ever... emotion_eyebrow
I've perhaps even developed a bit of an oral fixation because I find my body lusting for more even while/just after reaching a climax, and with the way my mouth gapes when that happens, I can't help but get ideas. . . sweatdrop
I am so very dissatisfied. emotion_8c

On a random note, there have been positive developments in my relationship though. . .
- We've acquired a D/s sort of status going... (Me being the 's' of course, and him being my beloved Master...) sweatdrop rolleyes
- We've been trying our luck with "aural" sex. . . sweatdrop
- Even a year after meeting and dating each other, where we haven't really gotten to spend much time together, we still love each other; he even says he'll still love me no matter what, even if I become unchaste... rolleyes sweatdrop

I guess the fact that he loves me is all that matters. . . rolleyes