so i went to the dentist 1/19/13

*Mind the spelling*

First time since i was 11. "Da fuq?" You may say
i had a check up which was going pretty good, untill i discover to have 8 cavities surprised
I have poor hygiene but now that's changing or atleast i did week or two ago. Gotta get 6 fillings and that's it the other 2 are reversable. I actaully have a Great FEAR of the dentist. I know why cuz my first time was a VERY bad expirence. Must have been if i would supress that memory, according my sister i was out of control so, taken to the hospital, struggle me to the table to put gas and so on. Yes i do have entry that is similar to this and i believe i was Wrong on it. Then again, my dad said i had reconstucted surgery, she said i was crazy, he said i was adopted. I honestly don't know wha the hell to think.

Contradictive, hypicritcal family i live in. So that memory explains why i have extreme fear of the dentist. No i didn't go crazy today, i was just Freakin nerves, also that is the reason why i didn't go to the dentist cuz of fear. I actaully chose to go to the dentist today on my own terms cuz i have to start fixing my life and well starting on hygiene is good. Also i don't wanna end up like my parents... Though they spent decades screwing their teeth up. So next week i'm gonna get my fillings, I am FREAKING NERVOUS@! VAS w

Well i don't know wha else to say.. Except it's 2:39 am. I'm gonna Shower then, brush my teeth :3
Again -_-
Then sleep.
Then later do my project which should have been done months ago, but i'm big on procasinating and the same goes for my teacher so i have to finsh this or i'm ********... - School and personal problems don't really mix together -