Far away from the lands of the wasteland of the big wing, Lies a village of peaceful people, called City of Bellda. Safe from the outer world and it's warring state over greed and power. Until one day, soldiers from the land of Hazen invaded the village. Yet the village was able to withstand the invading army of Hazen, but at the cost of losing almost everything. What's left of the village was a lady and baby that lived through the horror of the Hazen nation's wrath. Surrounded and out numbered by the Hazen soldiers, the lady had little time and wrapped the baby in cloth. The lady then perish under the sword of Haze, the king of Hazen nation. The Hazen soldier then weed out the remaining lives of the village, all but one the baby. Just before the Hazen heard the cry of the baby in cloth, the Hazen solders was welcomed by a unpleasant wander. The soldiers stares at the wander, suddenly making their move rushing towards the wander. The wander swiftly move through the rushing soldiers knocking one of them down with a swing of the wander's fist. The wander's cloak turns into sand, revealing the wander. Covered in armor, the armor lights up as soon as the sun hits it core. Blinding the soldiers, the wander took the baby and left the village.