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. J O U R N A L .
Random stuff~ Pictures of me, my gaia stuffs, and art work! A little ranting here or there.
Lol~! xD
Cassia is dumb.

Quote Mys Madd Ness (on FB): "Yeah, my friend after I dolts her, "oh, I forgot to mention," <--- The capital letter word, dolts is what I'm laughing at. Doesn't make sense to me. Looked it up, cause I don't even know what it means... BUT~ Here is the Definition.

"DOLT: noun
a dull, stupid person; blockhead."

I'm pretty sure madd cass didn't mean to use it in that context. As she was referring to how her friend got scared from a ghostly experience, true or not. Got scared anyways from a little wind blowing curtain. Probably tried to use DOLT as JOLT or something. Lol. She tries a little TOO hard to seem smart and better than everyone else. In my opinion, she's not. (not saying I am)

My reason for posting this journal entry is for personal enjoyment. This girl tried to message me some bs about my life and s**t.. Trying to start up drama and push her way back into my life, when I do not want anything to do with her! Bf and I hate her, and she hasn't changed at all. Still the same self-centered b***h. At least to me, along with all her little friends. =/ Tried to say some bull about how there are rumors going on around town about me, and only a couple weeks after moving in town! Honestly, people are so pathetic these days! No idea what sort of rumors, but didn't sound good. *shrugs* I don't care, let them talk.

*sighs* This GIRL frustrates me to no end! If she was maybe more nice and showed she changed in the last 2 years or so, then maybe I would have still been friends with her.. but she choose to go back to her childish self, and prove something to me. No idea what it is.. other than she's still a b***h, and a stupid one at that.

EDIT// Seeing that funny facebook status made me feel better about my encounter with this certain dolt girl. Lmao! Helped me realise, that she is and was never better than me and tries too hard to prove it to me. I think she's got some sorta complex towards me or something. o.o;; Sorta scary. I hope she doesn't start stalking me! (( My, too many "me"s in there! XD;; Sorry about that. Probably just sick of ME now.))

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