Columbine has been a standard example of reference since the shooting took place. I wanted to use the shooters as an example of criminals ignoring the law.

1. The shooters were too young to purchase the guns.
You have to be 18 to purchase rifles and shotguns and 21 to purchase handguns and handgun ammo.

2. They illegally purchased the guns through a straw purchaser.

3. Prior to buying the guns they both got felony theft convictions which barred them from owning firearms legally.

4. Rifles and shotguns have to have a barrel of 16 inches and an overall length of 28 inches. Special exceptions of SBRs are legal if registered and transferred with a $200 tax stamp. Both shotguns and their rifle were sawed off below those limitations which is another felony.

5. Under the Assault Weapons Ban the Tec-9 used in the shooting was banned as an assault weapon.

6. The school was a gun free zone so bringing the guns to school was another felony.

7. Murder is a felony anyway.