Today I've been in such a weird mood.
Possibly because I didn't sleep much.
I just keep thinking about stuff.
But its a combination of the past present and future.
Its so overwhelming and making me super anxious I don't understand why.

I love you Connor, too much!
I feel like I don't vocalize it that often.
I mean yeah I tell you I love you, but I don't think I vocalize just how much.

You're my top priority, Connor. When it comes to people.
If something ever happened to you I'd just...God I don't even know.
I thought about it last night before you called and the pain was so scary that I just had to shut it out.
You're the one person who's made me the happiest.
The one person who's kept me enthralled for years.
I still blush over you, I still get butterflies over you, I still giggle over you, its like I'll never get out of that puppy dog love state.

Ashley was telling me about how she felt dullness around Jeremy.
How everything felt so mundane. And she said it might have been because they were together for 8 years.
But honestly I don't believe that. Because I've been with you for about the same amount of time, and I still feel excited and happy. Everyday is something new to talk about and more kisses to give. YOU SPICE UP MY LIFE. I fall deeper and deeper into love with you each time we talk or see each other.

I've never fallen so hard for anyone in my life.
Never loved someone so much to the point where I would put their needs well before mine.
I almost cried last night when you were being so sweet and saying all those cute things ; _ ;
And today I kept listening to older music and it brought back so many memories.
We've gone through so much and both made mistakes and risen above them to come back together. We've fought through a lot and it just makes me almost...Proud? xD

It sorta upset me yesterday though...when you asked me if you were ugly.
Because I can't even fathom why you'd think that.
You're literally the most attractive person I've ever met.
Seriously. I remember the first time I saw your picture, my face turned bright red and I was like "oh god ive been talking to this hot guy oh my god wtf what does he see in ME?"
Just looking at you makes my heart beat fast. No other guy has made me jaw-drop the way you do with your looks xD Seriously I just couldn't understand how you couldn't find yourself hot as ********. Or if someone said you weren't. I'd be like "what are you talking about?"
I literally have stopped looking at people and saying wow they're hot. Now I go "yeah they're okay, connor's hotter." xDDDD YOU JUST MADE ME EVEN PICKIER. Because in my eyes no ones going to top your level of hottness.
Not even Gerard compares ;3

I actually do want to be friends with all your Skype buddies.
So I can eventually talk with them and you, plus I want you to be happy that I'm friends with your friends.
I'm just really shy and worried they might not like me > <
I just wanna be your everything ; __ ; and make you proud to say I'm your girlfriend.
And I'm sorry I get clingy sometimes and hog you..I just really love getting your attention because you're the love of my life and my best friend.