The Adventures of the Bat Crew: Story 1: "Some Rainy Money"

It was a stormy day with nothing to do, and there were no crimes, surprisingly, something happened.

"Wow, there is legit nothing to do except sit around!" exclaimed BatDog. "Yeah, I'm surprised there's no crimes." stated BatBro. The rain had picked up and I started getting frightened. "This rain is scaring me guys." I said. "It's alright BatCat, here, have some salmon." said Batman while throwing me some fish. We're all just sitting around while BatGurl and BatGirl were painting each other's nails and gossiping, BatBro and BatGuy were playing video games, and Batman was taking a nap. BatDog had finished chewing on his bone and went to take a nap also right next to Batman. "I guess I'm the only one that's actually up for some action." I said in a hushed voice. I go on the window sil and sit there for a few minutes admiring the rain. Then the bat-signal appeared right in front of my eyes! It wasn't really clear though but I could make it out even thru the rain. I wake up Batman and BatDog and try to pry BatBro and BatGuy off of the television so we can go see what is going on in the city. BatGurl and BatGirl were already pumped for action like I was. We had set off into the wet sky and Batman led us to the crime. "Bat Crew! The Bank of Gotham is being robbed!" Batman exclaimed and we all set off to capture the thief. BatDog is an amazing runner and got in first and sniffed out the robber inside the giant safe. I ran inside the safe with BatDog and we all started running after the robber while BatGurl and BatBro find the Police Station. BatGuy and Batman had the robber cornered, but suddenly the robber had pulled out a gun on them. I felt it was my time to shine so I jumped over BatGuy's shoulder and pounced at the robber, I had knocked him unconscious. BatGirl had cought the robber and tied him up while the Police were on their way. We had cought the robber and he is on his way to jail. "Great work, Bat Crew!" exclaimed Batman. "That was tough work." sighed BatDog. "Well another day saved my the most epic people in the world!" stated BatBro. We all got back to the Batcave very late, but the good thing is the rain stopped. A good day's work is never over, there are many crimes in the world, some, no one can fix.