I release the girl, but the men quickly picked up their swords and dashed at me. Nonetheless from outsiders, i pull the lady's dress. The men quick stops at the commands of one of the lead men. Curious of what happened, little did I know her dress was rip. Everyone stops dead, not a single person moved until the lady slowly steps backward without looking back at me. The soldiers looks away, as she ties her torn dress around her waist. Confuse of the terms of how things became, I just took off taking her quietly. just before the other lady tells the men to arm, we were already gone.

"Let me go!! you bozo!!"

I just stood there watching her act tough, a bit confuse on my thoughts. I move closer to her.

"Please don't hurt me I'll give you anything you want...."

Shockingly i answered her...

"I want want to find the last king, can you bring me to him?"

"Aha ha are you crazy out of your mind bozo? There is no more kings."

"what do you mean? no more kings? your saying all of the kings have died? or are you trying to mock me?"

"I'm sorry sir, but who are you? And no all of the kings aren't dead they just become common people now, no more war just peace"

"I can't believe a word your saying, what happened to the Emperor's army?"

"You mean during the last war? The kings united under one flag and defeated the emperor's army. The kings disband the emperor's army and banished the late emperor, after that all of the people united together in peace."

"Your calling this peace after many years of banishing the emperor? where is the emperor?"

"The emperor was slain not too long ago by the Jesters Of Naiv, the emperor de.."

I pound down with anger, she stops talks at the site of seeing me angry. I then grab her by the neck shirt.

"And you call that peace? by saying the emperor died for a better cause? Of all people you think there will ever be peace between the human race... you were wrong"

"Eeeh wait you can't just leave me here alone!"