D1: I was at a school I attended with my brother. Whenever I read something, I lost points for poor reading comprehension. I was told about a test by a man who was trying to help me, but I knew he was going to say something about that.

My brother tried to find places he could jump onto. He saw a wall and was going to try that. I turned and saw McDonald's to my right. I also saw people who worked at the school on my left. I told my brother not to bother and to my right, someone was shaking his head.

My brother tried to find where the employees were, but he was oblivious that they were in front of him. So he tried anyway.

I was in some assembly and the man who spoke of the test before tried talking to my brother, but my brother was told he was docked a point. There was the number "69", which change to "68".

I was walking with my brother and we found this overpass. We went down the steps leading to it. I saw a dog lying on the ground. I tried helping it, so I gave it a bowl of water. Then I saw two dogs lying on the ground. I left to get some ham, but as I returned, I saw a cat chasing a squirrel.

I fed one dog some ham. It was making strange, panting noises. As it ate the ham, it sounded like it was going to choke. I was going to refill the bowl with water, but the dogs were in my way. So I tried climbing over them.

I managed to get around and I saw my brother holding a cover that is placed over ground electricity. He chipped the side open and inside was a motherboard. Once my brother removed the motherboard, he complained and told me about some anti-piracy wires connected to it.

Something about all four kinds of Links from Majora's Mask appeared. I photoshopped certain parts from an image and made it so that I would have the four forms of Link.