It's one of those "Hey I haven't said anything in a while so I'll say stuff" journals. Life is amazingly stable these days even though I'm definitely looking forward right now. Gem's kitty grew on me and now he always wants playtime. I've gotten decked out with a keyboard and trackpad combo that lets me at least attempt to use my computer from a distance, though when I think about it it'd probably be better off if I get that hooked into the computer across the room that doesn't have any keyboard attached right now.

I'd like to see Gem draw more. Keeta could use a new outlet and seeing her cuteness is another bright thing to add to my life. Plus seeing Gem get better is always another plus.

I'd really like to start making tutorials. There are a lot of kids who don't know any better and make long pipes of stuff when it's not needed, or simply don't know redpower's amazing sorting powers and that it's actually cheaper than buildcraft's sorting pipe... It's actually to help combat lag on servers more than anything else. People don't need crazy redstone contraptions as much as they need to not leave items all over the place that the server has to forcibly remove. After that, eh, then it'll be for fun.

I guess last thing is finally having updated my page to account for Gem and Keeta... gawd how long did that take me?