College is closed today due to snow and ice.
I still have work but atleast I don't have to stress about French class and having to talk to people in French. Weh.

Connors been giving me more attention
And it's wonderful.
I'm glad we actually Skype and talk face to face a lot more.
I feel closer to you when we're like that.

Sigh. Okay.
Yes I get jealous because sometimes you reply quicker to Kait than me.
And I thought I'd just tell her to let her know.
I wasn't trying to imply anything or have some hidden message to not be friends.
I literally was just telling one of my good friends how I felt.
Because if I kept it inside it would have grown and gotten worse.
Plus friends talk to each other about stuff.
I wasn't trying to be disrespectful or be controlling or whatever.
I trust you both.
I'm not worried that you all would do anything.
I just freak myself out. I'm paranoid that he'd get bored of me because we talk a lot
Where you're someone he's just reconnected with and has new stories.
I know you were just venting
But it really hurt Kait.
I wasn't implying half the stuff you said.
And I guess I thought it'd go a lot better than it did.
You made it seem like you don't even want to be friends
When I really want to keep you as a friend
And it hurt that you took it that way and were willing to just almost throw me aside

I literally trust you both a lot.
The point was that sometimes he's quicker to respond to you than me
And it sorta hurts that you have to tell him to pay attention to me.
I was just talking to a friend about my feelings.
That's all and I'm sorry you took it as me being hurtful
I guess I could have worded it better though.