"Beast mode activated"

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      xxxRye a.k.a Warzerker

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      xxx Vault Hunter

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      xxx Rye is a strange guy, he's hard to pin down both in a fire fight and and his personalty. he's consider to be a respectful young man, calling his elders "sir or madam" opening doors for women, helping children, having a code of honor, but when you piss him off and you will, he'll hunt you down and kill you, destroy your house or just f*cking you up sometimes all three. he's the definition of fool which mostly means he's kind of a dumbass

      Rye likes comic books. he often can be found reading a few in his down time or sitting on a chair made from dead bandits or a pile of creatures he had killed. he's a big fan of heavy metal, the companies torgue, valdof and jackobs, all for his own reasons mostly each guns kick allot of ass. Rye dislikes allot of things, such as
      -.bandits: they're cowards, acting all tough when they have their friends, but when you start killing them, they start running away like pansies.

      -slavers, rapist:do I have to explain it to you?

      -hyperion sniper rifles: STOP f*ckING MOVING, sniper rifles are suppose to be one shot and you move, not fire randomly till you can f*cking shoot the damn target!
      The list goes on and for rye, just be lucky you don't mess with him.

      and his strengths lays in firearms valdof and bandit assault rifles, jackob pistols, sniper rifles, hyperion and jackob shot guns and tediore, and torgue missile launchers. he excels in melee too with a club made from a skag leg bone, a shell from a spiderant's head, wrapped it in barb wire, rye calls it his skull crusher. rye has a talent for shooting through cover, he often would screw himself over that way, rye also has drug and sickness resetence . his weaknesses is not that much but yet pretty crippling if you know how to hit them, Rye has a fear of clowns, show a clown to him and rye shudders and then kill it. he can't talk to women that fit his type of girl. also he can stand the smell of slag, to him, it smells like crap microwaved. he's also sort of gulible.

d i s o r d e r User Image
      1) aspergers
      2) hallucination
      3) complex when in beast mode
      4) a major goof ball

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      xxxRye is 6 foot 5, he's white with moppy brown hair and wild looking eyes. rye can be seen wearing jeans and a jacket with a fur lined hood. his body is toned, and covered in scars from his past. rye wears goggles to shield his eyes from dust or snow.

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      xxxRye used to live on a peaceful planet far from the chaos that pandora copyrighted, when he was young, his class was taking a field trip to a neighboring planet when heir ship crashed onto pandora, the class survived, but the bullies that targeted rye for being different had chased him into a varkid infested building and left him there, rescue came for the class while rye was hiding from the giant bugs, from there he learned he can go warzerk. he fought his way out, killing the varkids with his bare hands. 2 years on pandora changed him, made him more distant from people. his folks hired mercs to find their son alive or dead, only one of them found him and took him back to his planet and to his family where his dad told him he was found as a toddler when his mom went to pandora as a bounty hunter, she found him in some ruins surrounded by dead bandits, creatures and in the arms of a dead siren. when rye graduated from high school, he told his class "go to hell, I'm going back to the borderlands." his family saw him off. with a tourgue brand shotgun and a bullet absorbing shield Rye went off to become a vault hunter, his first few days on pandora was pretty calming, he killed a small mob of bandits, stopped the slaving industriay, earning a urban legend about a lone badass turning out to be a eridian alien warrior to be in disguise, mostly the survivors were drunk, high or retarded sometimes all 3. when rye encountered a golaith in lynchwood for the first time, he made the bad enough decision to shoot the helmet off. the golaith chased him around while leveling up from killing anything in his way. rye managed to kill it at the cost of his shot gun. rye had to find a new gun quick which he found vladof spinnigun in a dumpster. rye had to make his way to overlook since the fast travel station near him was damage during fire fight.

s h i e l d s / g r e n a d exxm o d s User Image
      xxxa seraph sponge shield, a homing child grenade .

w e a p o n ( s ) User Image
      xxxweapons.a incendiary e-tech bandit plasma caster, and a vladof spinnigun

t h e m exxbang your head as you raise up your devil horns User Image
      xxxoptional/GOOD STUFF THOUGH

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