Getting out of the mentality of my past has indubitably proved both futile and redundant.

Why futile? As a look of copyright law states, I have no legitimate reason to care about the financial situations of anyone. You have not proved yourselves to be worthy of my time. Also, you are not invariably worth your ability, because I do in fact despise you. Why justify it when you are a worthless, replaceable human as is provided by worker standards?

So, you did something grand, did you? Good for you; save it for someone who cares.

Let's actually rationalize how this comes into play, by the actual anti-pirates own monikers; I am a useless person that is only as good as my ability to be replaced. You've entertained me, yet you are replaceable. How replaceable? Well, I see you as just another anonymous benefactor in my ideals. This is how people get fired; it's only based upon your ability to please the employer through your work ethic. If you get fired, it's nothing personal, you just don't have what it takes.

By pirating, I'm in fact pushing to get you fired. It's nothing personal, you just don't have the ability necessary to stay in this business, and you can easily be replaced. If you threaten to quit? Well, there's always more people looking to fill your position. You can leave; I'll let you. I'll justify your pay cut, because well, you're just another stupid musician that was too stupid to read the fine print. That fine print says you sign over all the copyrights to your songs to the label, and that when the copyright holder sues, you get none of the money, just like none of the employees at any other business get a raise when the company wins a lawsuit. You're just another easily replaceable employee, so go have fun with that.

But let's actually embed that into my own course of discourse. I don't care. I don't care about how much you want whatever to happen, because you're a fool. I don't care about you, your children or your ******** dog. If you want money for a useless hobby like basketball, football, making a game, well then, you're the problem.

You know why that is, numb nuts? You're endorsing the ideology of a person working to make some ridiculous song to get a higher paycheck than a farmer. You're advocating the ability to get untold sums of cash when the actual useful people to humanity's survival get ******** shafted and pay-cuts. You advocate the ability of people wishing to become famous for useless tasks like making a video game while shitting all over the food industry, poorly providing the food which feeds your goddamn a**.

You know why I utterly hate the entertainment industry? Because of how much people are willing to protect your rights than they are an employee at Wal-Mart. You s**t all over the cashiers, the food stockers, the ones handling the food, but you get an average that's less than minimum wage because someone might have pirated your song while not even proving to be an actual useful person and you complain? Also, ******** your charity support, because that doesn't matter. The point of the matter is that, when you do say you're going to fight breast cancer or some s**t, you inevitably get the money first. It takes someone singing a shitty song, just before the entire populous even bothers to give money to charity, and regardless of whether or not you're giving to charity now, the fact of the matter is, your 'fans' were still more willing to give the money to you first before they bothered with the charity in the first place, and had you not even stated you were going to? They still would have gladly given you the money over research for something that's actually fairly important in comparison to your s**t-faced music choice. You know why it took your stupid song before money was ever even given to charity? It's because the people who were going to give to charity, expected some kind of prize in reward. Why give to charity when you don't get to hear a CD?!

You know who I'm starting to agree with? The early bible-thumpers; the ones that said entertainment was the work of the devil, because it inevitably is. Being a musician or some ******** that makes Minecraft is inevitably not caring about anyone other than themselves. They express their viewpoint and get paid for it. I express my viewpoint, and because I don't have some shitty beats behind it, I get treated like s**t. People don't deserve to be paid for talking. Stop talking and do something, otherwise I'm going to be just like you.

You sing that you were "Born This Way" and get heralded as a ******** hero, but when I say it, I barely even get one person to look at me for longer than half a second?

Your entire music and film catalog gets put under the category of being called "Liberal Arts", a quite ingenious term, even if your views are somehow conservative.

Bottom line, your only use is providing entertainment, and you're inevitably useless to the survival of humanity. When people didn't even care about entertainment forms, they actually did something. Now, some "genius" artist gets paid for the "inspiring" art revolving around taking a 5.0 megapixel camera, mass produced by big corporations in China, and taking an auto-captured picture of themselves sitting on a ******** chair, and you expect me to give a s**t about the 99 laws protecting your a** in that photo, while I'm the one being called "The Leech"? (BTW, that's what you named your photo, just for argumentative purposes)

For the love of all that which is "holy", go ******** yourselves.