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My Name is: William James Johnston

My Super Hero Name is: Grimlock

I am: (Age)17

I was born a: Male
I am attracted to: Woman

Affiliation: Young Justice Team

love intrests no one as of yet

Power: Grimlock wears a suit, which is integrated into the host (think like the symbiot suits from Marvel). This suit is actually a series of Silicon based micro organisms. The organism can change its shape, density, and state for matter from gelatinous liquid, to solid.
These organisms have augmented his genetics as a way to keep there host alive. When the suit is "Hibernating" William can bench 10 tons, as of now.
While active, the suit allows William to lift well over 100 tons, when fully charged.
The suit increases this.
His stamina, reflexes, and speed have all been augmented on a genetic level, to super human levels; further increased when the suit is active
The matter of the life form, being silicon based, is actually denser than lead.
This also means, shooting the suit, is much like shooting Superman, it will hurt if he is hit with a cannon, but it won't kill the wearer.
The suit also has a the ability to discharge electricity through direct contact. (He has to be touching you to tase you with enough juice to cause considerable pain to even Superman.)
Similar to The Blue Beetle, This suit has a shmorgas board of weapons flavors to choose from. The first of which, is a molecular disruptor capable of destroying the bonds of most matter, this is an arm cannon. (the down side of which is the more dense the matter, the longer it has to be charged, and the greater the energy consumption.)
Electromagnetic field sensors: the suit is able to register and monitor the electromagnetic fields of all mater and life.
Plasma disruptor: The suit can create a plasma disruptor on the arms. (similar to The Blue Beetle)
Sound dampener (to protect the user from high frequency sound attacks)
Visual light suppressor, (to protect from things like flash bang grenades)
Night vision
Thermal vision
Radiation absorption, the organisms that make up the suit can and will absorb any form of radiation, and use it as a fuel source, effectively adding to the energy it gets from the host.
Electrical Absorption. The suit can absorb electricity, but it is possible to overload this.
Genetic memory. The organism can use a genetic sample to access certain memories, usually just locations and acts of violence.
Genetic Adaptive Integration. Over time, the suit will adapt to overcome certain failures. For example, if it was forced to deal with an enemy that could shoot beams of light that would burn through matter, the suit would develop a gloss coating to deflect the light.
Immunity to non magic mind control.
Immunity to Telepathic suggestion. If a telepath were to try and stop, or cause harm to the smybiot would override the incoming message.
Air filtration. The symbiotic suit filters out all airborne pathogens, including fermions and pollen. This also allows the host to sense things in the air, and interpret them.
Telepathic link. The organism share a telepathic link with the host, thought the organisms are not as intelligent as The Blue Scarab, it only relays primitive thoughts like "I'm hungry" or "He is a bad man"
Wrist blades. The organism, using its ability to reshape, can "Spur" an attacker, by forming spikes all over its surface, or in some cases create pincers or blades.

Well…..William was for the most part, an average young boy. He loved machines and organisms a like. Like most boys, William was teased, but to the point he had no sympathy for his aggressors. He would almost smile every time a villain, or bully, was brought to justice. His parents, were hard working, pushing there stricter morals onto him, something he didn't truly mind.

The suit, was engineered by a waring race. It was designed to be a last stitch weapon to save them from complete annihilation. However, only a dozen suits were ever created, each knowing of the other. These suits were eventually able to save the species from being exterminated, and turned into long range reconnaissance scouts to study dangerous new worlds. In the case of this suit, it was attacked in transit to its new target, the moons of Jupiter. Unfortunately, the ship carrying the organism was badly damaged, the host dying sometime later, something the suit was aware of and deeply saddened by.
Eventually, the organism landed on earth, coming to rest, dying of malnutrition and separation since the loss of its host. Fortunately, a young boy, William, cam across the organism. The organism had shrank in size to a goo the size of a pine cone. William, ever curios, took the strange entity home with him. The organism, made a telepathic link, pleading for William to let it bond so that it wouldn't die. William, feeling sorry, and an almost kindred spirit, accepted the creature, not truly expecting what would happen next.

I am weak to: Hibernation, The organism that forms the suit must, from time to time, hibernate for 4 hours a day. The only way around this, is for Grimlock to be bombarded by high levels of radiation (For example if he were to fight The Atomic Skull, he wouldn't need to rest for a long while)
Acid. The organism is silicon based, an organic metal basically, so acid would react as it would with any metal
I am being played by: bloodhassasin ninja