D1: My brother and I were heading to our friend's house. We were walking and along the way we saw a couple who was making out. My brother said we should go on the opposite side, which we did. We eventually went to our right again.

We got to our friend's house. When we did, there was a black guy who was thirsty. My brother said, "Dang, you're hot" because the guy had been outside in the Sun. The black guy entered our friend's house and looked for a cool area. He was going to enter a room, but I told him not to because it was my room and I thought he had some disease.

I grabbed his attention, telling him to go to the kitchen. I opened my friend's refrigerator and told the guy, "Here is some water." I don't know what happens to him afterward, much less care, but my brother and friend decide they're going to head out for a bit. I stayed behind.

I saw in the front yard a group of kids and it looked like they were going to pick on a kid. I went outside to see what was going on, but there was a car with the kids around it. I tell them to leave the kid alone and scare them off by grabbing a fat bully and telling him something.

I bring the kid in to see if he is all right. Eventually, he shrinks until he becomes a small bug. Then there was a cellar spider that crawled over him. Then a house cat came by and tried to claw at the cellar spider. I nudged the cat away and then to the side of the cat was a rat, which was the same size as the cat. I petted the rat.

D2: I was on the city bus with my brother and we were going to Edward's Theater. When we arrived, we bought our tickets, but we didn't enter the theater. We looked around instead. Suddenly I begin to worry about bus fare. I tell my brother that it doesn't matter if we see the movie because I don't know how I'll get home.

I wanted to see the movie, but then say I won't get to see it just like I didn't get to see Hugo. So my brother becomes frustrated and decides to get a place for me to stay because I don't know how I'll will return home. It's too far to walk and it was nighttime.

As I follow my brother, I reach into my pocket and find a $20. I'm surprised and I feel like I have to tell my brother that we can see the movies and I'll be able to get back home. The scenery around me begins to look something like Disneyland. As I continued, I went upward and into this building.

The receptionist tells my brother I have to sign, but I say that this is unnecessary and I begin to leave. The receptionist says something about me like I healed my butt. My brother and I begin to run toward the theaters and suddenly there is this countdown. I think we might just miss a few previews.

I see fireworks, but the ground beneath my brother's feet in the distance barely even illuminates. Then it's dark again, but as I am running, I nearly fall off this edge of the ground to my left by accident. I think about how I could have fallen and hurt myself, but I continued running dangerously close to the edge anyway.

By the time we get to the theater, my brother enters, and then I enter and I a different receptionist asks who I am. I show her my ticket, but then she asks for my ID, so I show her. We were told that the theater is full. She left with some people. My brother decided to sneak in.

We enter the right side and inside were available seats at the bottom. I see the receptionist and the others entering the other side, so I tell my brother those seats are for them and that we'll be caught if we are seen.

So we left disappointed and dropped down what is like a half-pipe. I reasoned that we wouldn't get hurt from falling because of the curvature of the wall to the ground. I crumpled my ticket and tossed it aside. Then my brother jumped down this other area and I said, "Hey!" because it was a long drop, but he was fine.