The new screamester at Blackwater Academy has begun, and Mr. Inque, he gave each of us a brand new waterproof journal to write in. We don't have to update it every day, he said, but he wants us to keep at writing down our thoughts. I think this is sort of boring. I have thoughts all the time, what is the point of writing them down? Oh well, who can understand how teachers think?

I have to add enough things to make this entry look long. Let's see...Papa will not be home till late tonight because he is having a meeting with the Queen of the Lamia. Is it Lamia or LamiaS, if you're talking about a whole bunch of them? When you talk about a group of Kraken, it's just Kraken, no 's' on the end. I should remember to ask papa when he gets back. Papa is not king of the Kraken since we have no King, but he is the Alpha, so he often has to do things like meeting heads of state. He didn't used to do it, but with the Kraken population dwindling he says it's important that we maintain 'good interspecies relations.' The Kraken have a rather poor reputation that has haunted us since the normies invaded our waterspace with their big rickety boats and started blaming all their sinkings on us. Uugh!

I guess good interspecies relations is why my mama first ventured out of the black waters to become a Marine Dieologist. She went to a school with many many different types of monsters, instead of a school like mine that is all Kraken student bodies. She has traveled around the world studying the oceans and teaching other monsters about them, which is really exciting. I traveled with her a bit before I had to start going to school. Back then, my papa was very opposed to mixing with other monsters. I guess he has changed a lot.

My mama is getting remarried but I think this entry is long enough so I will talk about that another day.