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My Own Little World...
My name is Leah LoveSick. I have a lot of interests and they change constantly.I really like poetry but I actually don't write it much myself.Um...Yeah for now I guess thats all.
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Chibs still didn't know if he was ready to make Isobel his old lady, and yet she kept coming back to him. She was his, and she did as he had asked. She no longer spent her time egging Juice on to get his attention and she always dressed modestly, or rather most of the time she did. If it had been a long week and she wanted his attention she would dress on the boderline of what he considered inappropriate. This usually ended with him dragging her off and either dressing her in his own clothes or bedding her and then dressing her in his clothes. Isobel never objected to either of these options and had built a tiny stash of his clothes up in her room that he simply assumed he wouldn't be getting back anytime soon, or rather whenever they stopped smelling like him, in which case they were returned to his room clean and a handful of his other clothes would disappear. He was content with their odd arrangement, but he also wondered why she wasn't asking or pushing for more as most girls would.

Isobel owned Chibs's closet, or at least that was what she had told him when she first started comendeering his clothing. She waited as patiently as possible for him to make the move and to make her his old lady, but she wasn't willing to push her luck. They had been at this, whatever this was, for three months now, and she felt that it was time he made his claim on her a little bit more concret, but she was scared that bringing it up would make her lose him, and everything she had done would be for not. The girl sighed and pulled the hood up on his hoodie so that it covered her head. She was tired from the night before and the time she had spent with Chibs, but she had to be at school and so her only consolation was a hoodie that smelled like the Scot. It was hard for her to pay attention as her mind drifted of its own accord, but she knew that soon she would be able to leave and go back to the Clubhouse and irritate the hell out of the Scot.

Chibs was waiting for her when Juice pulled into the parking lot with Isobel on the back of his bike. Part of him was angry at the fact she was riding b*tch to someone else that wasn't him, but he knew that it was one of the only ways to get her back to the Clubhouse quickly and to him that was the important part. The girl slid off the bike and kissed Juice on the cheek and thanked him before heading past the Scot. He grabbed her wrist and gave her a look. The girl smiled and kissed his lips softly. When she tried once again to go the Scot pulled her back and took a hold of her and kissed her more fully. When they seperated the girl's face was flushed. She pulled his sun glasses down slightly and winked at him before disappearing into the shop, probably in search of Gemma.

The Scot chuckled as the girl ran off in search of the elder woman. Isobel was obviously feeling playful today, he liked it when she was playful and suddenly he wanted to be done at the Shop for the day, but he knew that that wouldn't be happening any time soon. He ran a hand through his hair and pushed his sunglasses back into place. The man slung his arm around Juice's shoulder and gave the boy a tight half hug. He kissed the top of his shaved head warmly and then went back into the Shop. The boy shook his head and smiled. He was happy to see the Scot so happy, he had never actually seen him this happy and it made him glad to know that someone had. He still felt a bit of a twinge at the fact that he had been into the girl and she had seemed to reciprocate, only to end up with the Scot in the long run. Juice sighed, alls well that ends well right?

Gemma looked up from the paperwork on her desk when Isobel came walking in. She smiled at the girl and handed her a small stack of papers for her to go through and sort out. Isobel took them and sat down and began to go through them. This was her home, she was happy here and she couldn't imagine being anywhere else. She spent her time doing little chores for the Club and had moved into Chibs's room at the Clubhouse.

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