It's the first time you'll go to a online website without knowing a single person in here. Being popular is hard when you're a newbie because no one knows you and you don't know them too. Some people probably adds people that you don't know or never ever met before. Being the new kid is like being ignored by many people who already saw you or chatted with you. Some people act they don't know each other. Some people lies about themselves being that certain person. And mostly of all, some people doesn't want to know that certain person better. I know for myself that I'm a new kid too... and I want you guys to know the feeling of being new.. even tho most of you people started to be new like the rest of us. We are who we are for a reason. We became new for once but now some people harassed new people and forcing them to chat with them. We new members should be respect too like everyone else.. We should be proud of being new.. since we are people who made by our god.. and god always support us even when you're mean or had become a sinner. We should always remember that god is always with us.. and with our soul.