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The first day of my new private school came as expected. There would be no pleas that could get me out of the fate I was to endure. As I woke to the blurred world around me, I somehow hoped that my lost vision might give me a fair enough excuse not to leave my room, but as I slipped my glasses on the world around me came into view and my hopes were dashed.

The school uniform, a knee length pleated skirt and shirt of a matching color, made me an obvious target in public. As if the bright green hair I inherited from my mother didn't make me stand out enough, this school uniform was guaranteed to make every single person I passed stare at me, and ensured anyone my age who might want to socialize with me would think twice and avoid me. London's most popular outcast, that's who I was. I did my best to cover the uniform with a huge cardigan and over-sized scarf that dwarfed my tiny figure. The summer's heat had lingered into September, but it was worth it in my book if it meant I could avoid even half of the prying stares I was about to receive.

Thank God for the man who drives me. He's a kind older gentleman who seems to understand me on some level. Today, he dropped me off behind the school on a nearby street where I could avoid the main gate. Of course it would only prolong the inevitable, but it gave me a few more minutes of peace.

That peace was broken as soon as my foot hit the school grounds. It seems like my entire first day of school had no substance, it was simply a blur of names and faces of people who had all been told the same thing I had. Friendships were for networking. I hated that notion, and found myself hating every person who came to introduce themselves to me. I didn't even have the patience to learn their names. Still I smiled and shook hands like a politician, faked my way through conversations well enough to gain their instant admiration. Their respect has nothing to do with me, of course, only my name.

There was one person who didn't introduce himself. He sat in the back of the classroom and watched as everyone buzzed around me, wearing a smile as if it was somehow amusing to him.

What a tosser.