They say that there is someone out there for everyone,
If that's true where is the guy that is supposed to be the one for me.
They say don't look for love, love will find you,
I say it takes forever.
Then they get mean.
They say you're ugly,
I try to block it out.
They say you're fat,
I still try to block it out.
They say your hair is too frizzy,
I say it's because of the curls.
They say you have weird eyes,
I say whatever.
They say you're a tomboy,
I say so what, playing with dolls was never my thing.
They say you're a fool if you think a decent guy will ever like you,
I say maybe i am but maybe I'm not.
Then I realize they are just the repeated ramblings of people who think it's fun to cut other people down.
They don't know me at all.