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Reader Beware
You're in for a scare~
So, I found out today that my car's lights re-calibrated. Not really sure how. The little screws for the headlights were busted. Today, however, the light beams were shining further ahead of me instead of on the ground about 10 feet in front of me. To find any address, I had to use brights just to have a light shining above the road. >_>; Hopefully, whatever my car did sticks around so I can take advantage of it when delivering.

I also need my damned Pizza Hut W2 in already so I can see if I have enough to get a new car altogether or should just replace the transmission in the current. And I do mean -new.- I'm not getting another used car only to have to replace everything -again-. Kinda tired of that by this point.

On the wonderfully emotional front, I think things are stable for now. Which is good. I believe. Or probably not. I dunno. I do, however, know that, not only because of dealing with trash like Joshua, but also with how much more peaceful things are as is, I think I'm just gonna stay single. Probably for the best. Not only am I tired of the pain, but I can take care of myself. I don't need nor want anyone to bother with that.
I haven't dated since April, and though I was kinda looking as early as a couple months ago, I've grown out of that 'phase'. I just feel it's easier and better if I don't have to worry about someone else worrying about me or attempting to help. Because really, what about if they're not there? Not there to help? Meh. My hip is ******** to hell; my right hand (and sometimes the whole arm) occasionally shake so violently, I can't even hold anything; shoulders, knees, and wrists sometimes lock up; every time I get stressed out, I get sick; and I sometimes pass out while driving. Yet, I know how to handle everything. And I prefer handling everything by myself. I dunno, crossword puzzles, online gaming, cooking, and working are all good enough for me. They fill whatever "void" that may be there. And hey, if none of those are available or soothing me, there's always heading down to the beach and walking along the shore break. The sea mist and breeze are both quite nice. Doesn't matter the time of day or temperature or weather. It's been full on storming mid-winter right around midnight, and it didn't stop me. Was still a nice walk.

Back to the beginning, though; I do need to figure out what's up with my car's engine fan. For whatever reason, it stopped working yesterday. Motor's good. It was replaced just a few months ago. I'm not sure if we disconnected it last week when we had to get to the engine and trans mounts to check if they were still solid or not. Also need to pick up a new throttle sensor. Might do so tomorrow. I also have groceries to pick up tomorrow.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled broadcast! :D

Tseta C. Aito
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