Brief entry today: 2013 is going well. I went on the first of two business trips which was okay. I'm making a bit of money on the side with my PC sales and I've picked up writing after December's events. Another bit of good news is that I picked well on my car. apparently the 1987 Honda CRX gets better gas mileage than most Hybrids and has an engine that just won't quit. Now if I can re-do the interior I'll be doing fine.

Other than that there's nit much to report in the way of changes, life is the same I'm just trying to look at it in a more rose-colored hue. I'm super happy when I wake up in a hotel room in the peaceful company of myself's very nice to be alone and away from the messy house and DC's loud mouth and Ashe and Samir's pleads for attention.

I can't wait to go to Philly! It'll be fun, especially since I get to torture the woman who is now attempting to sabotage me at work with the bone chilling cold that is the northeastern winter, muah-ha-ha-ha!!!

I hope this year is a turning point for me and I hope I can finally make some tough decisions too!

Saying goodbye sounds too final, let's say auvior instead - Bill Murray in Life Aquatic