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Life, Gaia, Poems, Enchouragment,Support, And Just Me Being Me.
Warm... Soft... Loving.... I Shifed a little in my bed. She mumbled something in her sleep. Her arms were aginst me as I Layed int he bed.. My arms around her. It was 3 AM. I Dont know why I'd Woken up... But I'd Fall asleep again soon. But still... I Loved this. Her... Against me. No.. Intimacy. Just.. Her With me Fully. At lat. Her.. To myself. Selfish? A little. Other things? No. Her? Yeah. I Smiled. It was ink black. The only Truly visible thing withough the help from some of the moonlight was the blue clock. 3:23 Am. I Smiled. Strangely.... Nothing bothered me. Slowly... I felt my eyelids grow heavy. I Drifted off.... Floating in warmth and love.

The clock rang. I groggily reached for the clock. I blindly mashed random button untill it stopped beeping. Her face had a slight bit of annoyance. She was still asleep though. What the hell was today...? I slowly opens my eyes. Streaks of light shone though the blinds. The air was cozy and warm. The flor... Undisturbed. Even the pets seemed... Quiet. I gently reached for my phone trying not to disturb her. I Checked the day. It was Saturday. And 7:30 am. Screw this. I'm going to chill out today. I put my phone back and Shifted a little. She mumbled something. About.... Cnars....? Cnars.... Oh. Charles. See? This is WHY you should sleep somemore. I closed my eyes... And drifted off again.

I woke to the smell of breakfast. Bacon... Eggs... But.... I moved my arms now realizing that the person who once slept there disappeared. 
I moved myself until my legs touched the floor. The carpet was warm. Unlike the tile in the bathroom. Sometimes she would shriek is she was drowsy enough. Heh... She would also shriek if..... I blushed a little. Yeah.... Just stop there. I got up grabbed some old faded jeans and Grabbed my other black T-Shirt... To be somewhat fresh. I hobbled into my jeans and changed my shirt. I really didn't care about my bed hair. Well... It was more messed than usual. More like Crazy Sex hair, As Jake would call it. A small smirk formed on my lips and I opened the door and followed the smell to the kitchen which was of course... 
Had my beautiful wife in a pink t shirt, and some black sweatpants. Her bronze almost dark tan skin shone perfectly with the sun. Her blue eyes seemed like emeralds. Her hair? Heh. She had crazy sex hair too. I gently laughed and came behind her putting my arms around her, momentarily stopping from cooking. I gently pulle her back and turned off the stove with my freehand. 
"Hey. Chill out. It's just me. No need to bake me a breakfast. I Usualy do that." I smiled a little and turned her around. Damn... That face......
"Morning, Boo." He Said, Calmy.. Softly... 
"Morning Cupcake." I replied. I gently pushed my lips aginst hers. She pushed back. Even how she KISSES.... 

"Let's have Breakfast. Okay?" I Asked with a small smile.
"Okay." She replied holding onto me a little tighter now.

The street lights washed over the roof of the car. Each one by one. She had fallen into a half daze. Slightly awake... Fully drowsy. This was when see be cute making mistakes or jot caring about things shed usual stress about. We pulled up to the house and parked inside the garage. I got out and she slowly got out in a daze still holding the new wrapped box. Dam... She'd got that from Rachel... Her best friend. And Im REALLY wondering what the hell was in there. Oh well. She seemed to wake up a little as I stared at the box in puzzlement. She came close and whispered in my ear.
"If you REALLY want to know what's in this..... I think Siren will show you." She walked into the house with a fully awake step and stride... And me blushing a little... A s**t TON of ideas running rampant throughout my mind.

She was warm. Loving. Caring and sometimes.... Sexy. Really. Why do chicks ALWAYS know how to turn guys on? Like SERIOUSLY. If any chick WANTED to sleep with you... SHE PROBABLY COULD!!! Girls..... For one.... I understand them. Well.... Better than most men. There kind of like a video game. Imagine combing MW3 BO2 FF5 AND HALO All into ONE. That my friends... Is women. Im going to tell you how to get to the next level though. Suddenly My phone rang cutting off my line of thought. I check who it was. I smiled a little. Jackie. I Answered.
"Boo...?" She asked a little frustrated.
"Yes?" I answered Turning a corner on the road.
"Why is there a Box with holes and Its make handle with extreme care?" Her tone was a cross between curiosity and frustration.
"Open it. Its for you." I smiled and hug up. Almost home. I remembered the Cats she said she would love to have. So I got her a pair of kittens and another dog. One kitten was a boy the other a girl.. And the dig a girl also. We already had 2 Male dogs and one Was OBSESSED with logging me wife. I SWEAR that he would take her if he was a human. I sighed. I meant to give them to her myself.. Though this was just as good either. I say the house down the road and pulled into the garage closing it as I entered into the house. She was STILL squealing and smiling. I laughed and she noticed me, Running up to me and giving me a big kiss. I laughed and kissed her back. She ran back and started playing with the kittens. This..... Is what I loved about her. She's can be responsible and adultlike.... But she can also be a child at times. And I honestly love it.

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