How's about a normal Gaia-esque entry? I've been posting all this mysterious stuff about my life that no one on here understands or knows about, lol.

So I'm thinking of going through my whole friends list and posting something on the profile of everybody on it. Most of those chicks and dudes probably have no idea who I am. xd Plus I kinda want to make actual FRIENDS on here so I can chat and join in rally and play games and s**t like that. razz I mean right now I'm practically anonymous on here. What's the fun in that? I'm practically a miser, lol. I have almost 25k and I have no idea what I'm going to spend it on.

The last thing I spent it on was my aquarium. After two or three years on Gaia I've finally got the health to 20.93%. My fish were living a hardscrabble existence before that--poor fishies! crying I tried so hard to keep them happy, too. Ungrateful little bastards. xd Just kidding. I love my fish.

I'm gonna go surf the CB now. Cheeeers.