So I've been pretty busy as of late. gonk And tired... emotion_zzz

Arrrrg, Mom is worried I am catching a cold(I think so too but I'm not about to let her give me MORE meds emotion_eyebrow ) so she is giving me cough drops... Which by the way do NOT help me at all! stressed I hope I can get the yucky-whatever-it-is out of my throat soon. sad I want to get back to feeling good and playing zOMG! gonk

Over the past three days I haven't moved out of the 2k zone! Which really sucks because I was really hoping I'd be getting my Spring outfit complete early. sad Oh well...

Like the title says, though, I will not let life pull me away from my goal! emotion_yatta

...Arg I just checked the prices for Soft Sugarlace and it's gone up! emotion_0A0 Nooo... emotion_8c

Wish me luck~... sweatdrop