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Pandora's Box [v.4: Paradoxical Tastes and Interests]
you're lucky if I remember that this exists.
ahahaha oh wow, I haven't updated in over a year on here
let's see
-mom died two months after last update
-had to move out a month later, not my choice or option or opinion or anything respected
-this was during a quarter in which I was taking 17 units.
-everything is quarters at Cal Poly
-she died at the beginning of the quarter and I was moving out in the middle
-I wound up two weeks behind and had developed a habit of 30 hour days on 4-6 hours of sleep [some nights just two or less in the campus computer lab]
-summer came and I found myself depressed more and more
-depression got really bad to the point that days have been hard to want to wake up to, let alone get out of bed. fortunately my wiring and wussiness keeps me from ever even contemplating self-harm, let alone suicide.
-I have experienced many a stress-induced stomachache that poor dieting [mostly lack of yogurt] has exacerbated/made worse.
-did I mention sleeping for days because I probably wasted a total of two weeks of my summer sleeping, and not just to catch up on it either...
-my dad frustrated the hell out of me and I'm out of interest in communicating with him again or relying on him or even trusting him to be a parental figure in my life and am mostly done with it for another year or two. I don't think I'll even invite him to my graduation
-brand new computer went to s**t with the OS after owning it for a few months.

good things about 2012:
-I joined Tumblr a few weeks before my mom died, like two at mosT?
-I joined the RP community of Tumblr and made the most perfect character for all of my pent up frustrations. Her name is Queen b***h and I love her even if she doesn't love anything. I also hate her and love to hate her at times because she is a Queen b***h.
-I made a shitton of new friends because of the above two things.
-I guess Steam Library increase?
-that's about it, there wasn't a lot of good things beyond completing grades
-oh and I might be graduating spring 2013 because I did 17 and 16 units in consecutive quarters of 2012 and passed all my courses with B's or better [except one but I hardly put any effort into it so I didn't argue the grade because of it]

but yeahhh
that's about it
oh also I'm on infrequently now because my main browser for internetting is Chrome and apparently Chrome will ******** up my computer for no good reason if it is dealing with certain flash pages. Like Gaia's layout, for example. I don't understand it, but some flash things will just ******** up the computer. so I gotta use Safari, which fortunately is mainly used for RP Tumblr account, meaning I'm on it more, but I also forget too.

Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson
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