I'm going insane. I'm going to go insane until I get some help. And not from some stupid sIut who thinks she knows me and has the balls to call herself my "best friend"
It was the same f*ckng deal with the last girl. I felt like I could get along with them, and then they turn on me. The first girl was a nobody who had no friends. She got friends through me, then ditched me and stole them. The second girl was getting picked on big-time because she had a new boyfriend every week. I try to explain my problems to her, because she asked why I always seemed depressed. When I told everything to her, she said I was complaining over stupid sh*t. She asked, I told, and she b*tched.
I'm tired of not having friends I can trust, I'm tired of my feelings getting trampled on, I'm tired of trying to fake happiness, and I'm tired of caring. I cry too much, and the only person I could go to isn't even in the same state anymore.
I just want a hug, and not from someone who thinks they "know me"
I'm going nuts, and I'm sorry if I suddenly am never on Gaia anymore.
Or anywhere, for that matter.