So, I've decided to go about a different route, and describe my interpersonal (right word?) affairs with video games and the internet piracy schematics.

For starters, I have a 600+ video game collection, physical copies, not downloaded. As time went on, I started to depreciate the value with them, to the point that the $1 that was paid for the last game I got, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, felt like I was being ripped off. Honestly, I felt it was the 3rd best game I played in the Mortal Kombat franchise, first being Shaolin Monks and second being Deception, but despite actually liking it for the most part, I felt wrong for buying it at all. That was in the summer of 2012.

I was happy getting games I liked. Most of them I obtained from yard sales and flea markets, like 10 cents for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan for the GameBoy. It was fun doing all that, going around for hours, looking for certain games; I loved it. We mostly stopped going sometime in around, say, 2007.

When I was around 14-ish (could be earlier, but I'm not sure, [around 2003]) I was at one of my mother's friend's house, and their son, who was a fair amount older than me, let me play on his computer. I learned of one game that I knew I wanted around that time, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. I also learned of the file-sharing program known as Kazaa.

As time went on, I got that game in the Theater of War pack that I asked my father to get me when I first got the computer he bought for me. I was ecstatic. I also started to fiddle around with Kazaa and later on Kazaa Lite, because the search function lasted as long as the program was on, so I left it on over night.

During this time, I learned of emulators. I was able to play all the games I ever wanted to. I started playing NES games, then found out about VisualBoyAdvance. I played Metroid Fusion, and immediately wanted to get it, just so I could own it, so my mother bought it for me. Later on, someone would borrow that game and lose it. (Of course, I was infuriated.)

Although I had lost that game, I still liked owning them. The last games I remember getting for retail value were Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the same day at the time of their release, for Christmas presents at the end of 2006. The last time I remember getting games from a store on sale was during Black Friday at CircuitCity. I'm pretty sure it was 2006, and they might have also been for presents.

During 2007, end of senior year, I had gone through one of the worst transitions of my life by losing every person I thought was my friend. Over the course of this time, until she was laid off in 2009/2010, my grandma had been primarily working in the food court at the local mall and had been going through GameStop's garbage. She would bring home untold amounts of games, consoles, controllers and other peripherals from smashed to completely unopened. I was still, completely ecstatic.

Through all of this, I had still been pirating games. At some point in time, I decided to never pirate another game again. This has happened sporadically, and as recently as, say, around 10 minutes ago, mid sentence. These time periods have lasted anywhere from 10 minutes (see what I mean), to around 2 or more months. Could I go an eternity without them; sure. I've gone months without even playing a single game, because I didn't care. The problem? It amounts to nothing, just like my entire game collection.

So, what is it that happened which made my game collection seem even more useless, to the point of wanting to destroy them all? The game companies themselves and every anti-pirate I've ever known. It'll be the proverbial Book Burning of the century. Why did this happen? Why did everything I thought I loved become nothing more than ashes? Most of my game collection is considered to have been bought "used", which is being tossed into the same category as internet piracy being thought of as "theft".

Game companies have depreciated every ounce of value from every game I ever cared about; from buying Bionic Commando for $1 at a flea market, to buying Eternal Eyes for PS1 for 75 cents at GameStop. I'm being blamed for being part of the "used" statistic which is inherently what's destroying the precious "gaming industry", long before I ever even knew of internet piracy in the first place, and yes, I do feel like I've been "pre-owned" at this point. I've apparently destroyed the industry and 90% of the legally bought "used" collection is being considered "stolen" from the original designers.

The only designers who I even want to give any kind of recognition to either them or their games at this point are the ones who don't complain that my mother getting me a used game when I was 10 has destroyed their bureaucratic hopes and dreams. At this point, I show no sympathy towards any anti-internet-piracy nut job, and they can all suck a long, steamy pile of dog s**t, and I can guarantee everyone that come the time of the removal of internet piracy, you will never see one sale from me again, because mine or anyone's money who decides to buy something of a medium from any of these s**t-bags are not worth my time. There's food and other things to be far more worth the money in this ridiculous regime.

I honestly cannot believe that people call music, movies or games a "luxury" when the designers are nothing but shitheads looking to put the blame on people who actually like their product, just because it was used or at the worst, pirated. Buying this monitor for $1 must mean Gateway's got another person to add to their hit list, and don't get me started on the kitchen chairs. Those were from the garbage. I'm surprised the housing and automotive industries haven't started pointing the blame for lost sales at someone selling their house or car "used".