Le f*ck, it is, the night hour. (Ooh lala)
This new Internet ze Piracy argument is my next addendum to the anti-piracy brigadiers. They all expect piracy to just vanish overnight, which could only happen if the internet itself was completely destroyed. Even then, all the internet pirates will still be considered guilty of "theft". That's right, 15% of the entire U.S. population will still be considered criminals; a minimum of 50 million people left to be prosecuted under the idea of a potential federal crime.

Now, I know the government and most of the anti-piracy morons would just love the promotion of incarceration and mass genocide, but let's actually take a look at the numbers.

Here is an estimated amount of both total internet users and the country's population.
Internet Users as of 2010: 239,893,600
Total US Population as of 2010: 310,232,863

Here is an estimate of the amount of internet pirates in the USA.
Please keep in mind that this 13% estimate is solely based around the music industry and does not necessarily include statistics from software, video games, books/e-books, movies or TV shows. This number may also not count the people who downloaded things the year prior or ten years prior. They also like to use a percentage in the amount of people who downloaded something last year, and then compare the amount of users who downloaded things this year and say that there's been either a "decrease" or an "increase" of users, so they might say that there were 13% of pirates in 2011 and 9% of pirates in 2012. However, that new number of 9% does not automatically mean the missing 4% suddenly had the charges dropped for the crime just because they are not being included in the new statistic as being Internet Pirates.
Long story short, the number could easily be tripled. Downloading just one song adds you to the list.
Internet Pirates as of 2011: 40,330,273

Lastly, here are the numbers regarding incarceration.
Total In Custody as of 2010 (prison/jail): 2,266,832
Total Incarcerated as of 2009 (prison/jail/parole/probation): 7,225,800

As you can see, the idea of imprisoning or otherwise pressing charges against these people (myself included) will result in a lose/lose/lose situation regarding your decision.
1. If you decide to imprison an estimated 15%+ of the country, you'll be looking at quite a few implications.
-a. You'll be looking at a 10X increase in the number of prisons and jails.
-b. All of the funding for these new institutions will come directly from the tax payers, so be expected to get at least a 1% increase in taxes.
-c. You'll be deciding to give us all free health care, generously from your new tax increase.
-d. The Internet Service Providers will not like losing a customer (as if pirates are paying them for reasons outside of free downloads). This will result in an increase in premiums, as if the people in this country aren't already paying more for a slower connection in regards to other countries. ($20 a month for 100KB/s in comparison to $20 a month for 200KB/s)
-e. You'll be tying up the courts with an inconceivable amount of cases, and not all of them will turn out the way you expect.
-f. All the serial killers/rapists would likely have to wait a few extra days before a hearing, because the people who downloaded an album would be far more important.
2. If you decide to sue, you'll once again be looking to cram a bunch of people into a courtroom.
3. If you decide to shut off the internet entirely, well that one speaks for itself, and like I said, the pirates will unlikely be instantly "forgiven" for their actions.

The government and the rest of society has had since the 80's to address piracy, and had they introduced SOPA/PIPA/ACTA/WTF back then, they'd have had little to no retaliation, because it was new, and no one would have known what it was expected to cause. However, as time went on, they just expected this "problem" to sort itself out on its own, and they reluctantly proved to have missed every opportunity they could have had, even when it was just starting to surface.

So, as I've said it before and will say it again, if you want to tango with internet piracy laws, please keep in mind that you're really barking up the wrong tree, and that if you're an anti-pirate, you're still a jackass.

Even if you do shut down internet piracy, one thing's for sure, over 15% of the country's population will still be thought of as thieves and most likely will not be forgiven, and the anti-pirates will still expect some form of compensation or incarceration from well over 50 million people. Expecting forgiveness from the American people? You have a better chance at being struck by lightning.