I was feeling all anxious, so I went virtual hug surfing on the CB. Virtual hugs are nice. After a bit one of the CBers pointed me to thenicestplaceontheinter.net.
Strange hugs: Guy wearing a sparkly golden mask. Takes it off, has a funny mustache, hugs. Middle aged-ish married looking couple. Makes stuffed bear dance into hug. Person with stuffed skeletal dog in front of face. Makes dog hug camera.
Damn, I want that giant bow tie that that one person had.
Best one: Person looks bored at something. Looks at camera in mock surprise and delight, gives hug.
After receiving a bunch of strange video hugs from people who have no idea that I exist, I'm not sure how to feel. Uplifted? Or depressed? I have friends that I can just go hug in real life, so I don't have to worry about it too much, but what if I didn't? If these were the only hugs I had, I'm not sure if it'd be better or worse than nothing.