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Stories and junk.
Enjoy, if ya can. c:
What Will Became

The little girl sat on the sidewalk, watching the people pass. She was only about five or six. Where were her parents? No one knew. Where did she come from? No one knew. No one really cared. Everyone passed by as if they could not see her at all. As if she was just a ghost. A few kids that pass by would glance over, tilt their heads and pull on their mothers sleeve to tell them about the girl. Messy blonde hair. Purple-ish blue eyes. A very dirty, and ripped dress.
But, their mothers would never pay attention. When they did, they would look over and see nothing.
Was it possible the little girl could only be noticed by other children? Or did the adults not care? Either way, this little girl was awfully lonely. No one cared to stop and speak to her. She would sit there all day. And, no one would say a word.
Until on day, a man came by.
He looked down at her after paying a lady for an apple. He bent over, giving the fruit to the young girl and smiled kindly at her. The child smiled, taking the apple and biting into it quickly. The man chuckled, patting her on top the head.

The girl, Annie, that the man knew when they first met was sweet. Now, nine years later, she was...a 'punk', I guess you could say. She was a good child, though. She really was. And, the man loved her as if she were his own child. Rick loved her dearly. And, so did his own son, Jake.

Annie sat in her room, in her bed with Jake beside her. He sat in the corner, her bed against a wall, and hummed to the music they were listening to as he drew. Annie climbed up onto her knees and sat beside him, watching him draw. She looked at it hard, tilting her head.
"What is that?" She asked, shifted into a more comfortable sitting position. Jake covered the paper, not wanting her to see.
"Nothing you need worry about." He mumbled. Annie grinned. She closed her eyes, chuckling.
"Is it a surprise? A birthday present?" She asked, opening her eyes again and looking at him. Jake nodded slowly. He stood up, climbing over her and off of the bed.
He flopped into the chair that sat beside Annie's bookshelf and started to draw again.
Rick came into the doorway, sighing deeply.
"Dinner is done. Come down and eat." He told them both, walking over and shutting off the music.
"I'm not eating. I'm to busy." Jake said quickly, continuing to draw. Annie shrugged and stood up, following Rick down the stairs and to the dinning room.

Annie yawned, laying in bed, almost asleep.
She stood up and walked to Jake's room to tell him goodnight, and found him at his desk. Asleep. She smiled softly and walked over to take a peek of his drawing. She slightly blushed, seeing how much detail he had put into it and seeing that he had finished it, putting a note at the bottom.
It read "Be mine?".
Jake made a noise and Annie jumped, looking at him. He woke up, first not realizing Annie was there. As soon as he did, his eyes got wide and he blushed, trying to cover up the drawing.
"That's for someone else!" He said, slipping the drawing into the desk. Annie sighed softly, nodding.
"Alright. Well. I just wanted to tell you goodnight." She said, smiling kindly at him. She bent over, kissing him on the cheek before leaving.
She stopped in the door way and told him, "Sweet dreams!" She left, going to her room and shutting the lights off.
Annie laid in her bed, sighing softly. Her eyes flutter, but she tried not to fall asleep. And, unfortunately, she did in a short time.

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