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STATUS-ACTIVEXXXGrimoire University For The Gifted

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Character:Misaki Takumi
Age 17
Race: Winged Wolf
Personality:Genuinely caring, tends to do things without thinking, bit of a clutz.
Power/Ability: Enhanced Speed and strength, Skilled with a sword. (See Caim's profile for sword abilities).
Weapon Of Choice : A sword she carries which harbors the spirit of a mysterious being. Fangs and Claws(when in Wolf Form)
History:When she was born her parents knew she was special; it had been a hundred years since someone had been born into the clan with wings. When she was young she was sent to live with the elders and learn the ways of the clan. There she met Kenshin an orphan pup who had been taken into the care of the Elders as well; like most parentless pups. When she wasn't in lesson with the Elders she could usually be found playing in the surrounding forest with Kenshin. Life went by rater peacefully until one day Misaki had once again snuck out of one of her private lessons and ditched the watchful gaze of Kenshin who had been appointed her keeper of sorts and had been in the process of raiding the kitchen when Kenshin had shown up suddenly and rather then scolding her for ditching class he dragged her out of the building just as it was set a fire. Kenshin had cleared a path threw the attacking raider and taken them to the safety of the forest. When the sounds of fighting finally died down they went back to what was left of their village. Bodies where everywhere the ground was stained red and all the that was left of the buildings they had once called home where chard and blackened beams. Among the rubble of one of the buildings Misa found a sword and decided to take it with her for protection in case the raiders came again, after that she left with Kenshin in hopes of finding a safe place to live.
Other thing People should know:Two Tattoos (Sword/Wings)Upper Back-Back of neck to lower back. She was born with and is the hidden form of her wings. (Wolf)Lower Back-Tip of sword to tail bone. Family Crest
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Character: Kenshin Grimmclaw
Age 19
Race: Wolf
Personality: Quiet but very smart, Extremely over protective of Misa, Distrustful of most people since the identities of the raider who attached his clan are still unknown.
Power/Ability: Enhances Speed and Strength. Skilled in hand to hand combat.
Weapon Of Choice (if any): A pair of gauntlets and grieves that can be worn in both human and wolf form, control Light in the for white fire around hands and feet. Fangs and Claws(when in Wolf Form)
History: After his parents death Kenshin was taken in like most orphan pups by the Elders if the clan, who took care of parentless pups until they are old enough to participate in hunts and other clan activities. Growing up Kenshin spent a lot of time learning to fight. And was very bright for his age. Because he had such a natural talent he was trained to be guardian and eventually became the guard to his childhood friend Misaki. He spent most of his time tracking down his younger friend when she skipped her lessons and making sure she stayed out if trouble. On one such occasion, he sensed something hora blue wrong. He found Misa in the nick of time to pull her out of the building she had been sneaking in just before it was engulfed in fire. Fighting threw the attacking raiders he was able to get them to the safety of the surrounding woods. After the destruction of their village he and Misaki traveled to Grimoire University where they hoped to find a safe place to stay.
Other thing People should know:He doesn't like his Human form much preferring to be in his wolf form and also has a puppy form that he finds degrading to be in, but Misa likes it and it makes it easier for him to follow her to classes without taking on his human form.
Two Tattoos (Wolf Circle) Chest-Left side over heart. Mark that showing he is a Guardian. (Howling Wolf) Right Arm-symbol/moon wraps around to rest on shoulder blade. Family Crest
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Race:Sword Spirit(Current), Unknown(Past)
Personality:Tends to know more than he lets on, Mysterious, Like to pop up at random moments and torment people for his own amusement.
Power/Ability: Change the shape and size of his sword form to control different elements(Fire, Water/Ice, Wind/Electricity, Earth, Metal). Can only control one element at a time, and must return to original sword form before switching to a different weapon(element).

Misaki's Element progress. Metal(Mastered), Wind/Electricity(Learning), Water(unlearned), Fire(Unlearned), Earth(Unlearned)

Weapon Of Choice (if any): He is a weapon, but must have someone to channel his powers threw. Useless on his own.
History:Does not speak of his past, if he can even remember it. Is very picky about who wields him, and chose to accompany Misa after the destruction of her clan.
Other thing People should know: his sword form is usually carried around by Misa, and he can take on a human form when he choose. But can not move far from his sword or her will gradually become ghostlike and eventually vanish.

Caim's form-can move a few yards from sword without disappearing, pass threw objects/people but if concentrating hard enough he can cause small objects to move slightly.


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Race:Bonded Human
Personality:Quiet and keeps to himself(mainly because he can not speak), though he might seem cold and intimidating he is rather shy.
Power/Ability: (Gained from forming a bond)Nearly super human speed and strength, fast healing
Weapon Of Choice : Sword
History: When Eclipse was young as is customary in his family, he went threw the ceremony of forming a bond with a familiar named Pantalaimon. Each time a bond is made both partners must pay a price. Pantalaimon payed with his freedom and Eclipse paid with his voice, the proof of his sacrifice was branded on his tongue. From that time on Eclipse never spoke a word, even when he was four and fell out of a tree breaking his arm he screamed until he couldn't breath but not a sound came out only silents tears. As he grew older he began to distance himself from people taking comfort in the only one he could talk to, Pan. He did learn sign language as he grew up but since almost no one around him knew it it was about as effective as talking when he tried to get his message across. Finally he began to rely on Pan to speak to people, being a shape shifter he understood and spoke most languages both human and animal, so it became a habit for Pan to act as Eclipse voice, and after some time Eclipse started lip sinking with Pan's voice giving the illusion that he was the one speaking not the animal following him around.
Other thing People should know:
Definition A familiar spirit-(alter ego, doppelgänger, personal demon, personal totem, spirit companion) is the double, the alter-ego, of an individual. It does not look like the individual concerned. Even though it may have an independent life of its own, it remains closely linked to the individual. The familiar spirit can be an animal (animal companion).
Eclipse was bound to a familiar(shape shifting animal) as a young child, so young that he has no memories of a time without his partner, that mainly takes the form of a Kinkajou named Pantalaimon or Pan. Though they can be intentionally be apart (move away from each other)for short amount of time it is rather painful both physically and mentally for them to be apart for too long. Even a few yards separating them is uncomfortable. If one of them is injured the wound will also appear on the other.
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