I went shopping on friday. Usually I don't since I don't have a way to get to the store and back before perishable food goes bad, but a friend of my room mate's was kind enough to help out and take me so we could eat this week. I had exactly twenty five dollars. When I was all done wandering around and getting things I needed I went to the register where my room mate's friend was waiting. She said she would go out to the car while I paid for my things and she left.

After the cashier rung up everything I realised I had underestimated how much money I would need for the things I picked up and took things out of my cart for the cashier to put back. Most of it was non- esential so it was no big deal. Then the strangest thing happened (well, strange for me): the woman behind me in line bought the items I took out of my cart and gave them to me. It was only two or three dollars worth of stuff (maybe four), so it wasn't that much money, but I still tried to refuse and tell her it was fine and that it was no big deal. I think its the first time I have ever seen a stranger do something nice for another person with absolutely nothing to gain in return. If it were someone I had already known I wouldn't be as shocked by it and I would fully expect to pay them back. However, this woman, with no garentee we would ever meet again, and having only run into me that night, decided to do something out of the blue for a stranger. I've seen many people do such things, but never a stranger. I keep wondering why though. Perhaps it was simply to get through the line faster? Perhaps she felt sorry for me? Perhaps she just wanted to do something nice for another human being? Or maybe she was atoning for something she had done in the past? (If people actually do that.) It couldn't have been for personal gain since there was litterally nothing to gain. I saw the woman in the parking lot as I was packing up the car with the groceries and thanked her again and she said "you're welcome. god bless." Which then got me thinking that maybe she did it because of some religious veiwpoint. Then again I could be wrong and it could be any number of other things.

I'm not sure why this bugs me so much. "Bugs" isn't quite the right word though since it doesn't quite bother me as it does confuse me. Most people have thin wallets and don't have a dime to spare and those few dollars could have ment the difference between a bill to be paid or a meal. Although I am greatful to her (very greatful heart ), I keep worrying that I may have put her in bad situation. I hope I did not. I also hope I get to run into her again so I can pay her back. I will set money aside for that very instance. Just in case.