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Emmi's Roleplay Info
A profile dump for my original characters. Please do not steal, reproduce, or copy any of the works in here as they are purely my own.
RGC: Alix Abernathy
My parents call me: Alixander Abernathy
But I respond to: Alix
I'm a: Human, Caucasian, Female
I'm still this young: 21
I can dazzle you with my talents: I have a quick thought process and a photographic memory.

General Appearance: Alix has short, choppy, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Slender build, long, lanky legs, semi-muscular arms, heart-shaped face. Several indents from piercings can be seen up her ears, as well as an indent on her right nostril. Alix is pale, with a farmer's tan, and has an overall androgynous appearance.
I am: Too busy focusing on survival to care about sex.
On the surface: Alix is an 'evade and avoid' kind of person, keeping away from everyone and everything. In the past few years since the outbreak had started, Alix's personality base had flip-flopped upside-down from party-girl to almost military outlook and aspect of life. She is the kind of person to take advantage of a situation if it balances out in her favor, and has a very 'rogue' outlook on situations regarding people. She is not the kind of person to 'partner up' or join a group unless it suits her best interests. It's all about self-preservation and staying alive.
But deep down: Born to a homemaker of a mother and a military man of a father, Alix always was somewhat spoiled. At a young age her oldest brother taught her some of the basics of leather working and influenced her with his fascination for apocalyptic situations. At the age of ten, Alix was sent to a private school to study, where she discovered her talent for being observant and having a photographic memory, being able to cheat on tests by memorizing the answers by glancing at the answer sheets, but also learning the things she needed to learn in the process. At the age of 16, the infection had started, and Alix was at home, helping her brother, when he got bitten. Her mother had been killed by the infection a few days earlier, and her father was luckily stationed in another country, though the area they lived in was quarantined from communication or travel. Her and her brother were both stranded in their own personal hell, with limited resources and even more limited sanity. Sticking with her brother, who had seemed to prepare her for this unrealistic moment all her life, the two of them roamed the area to collect resources and scout, but one night, her brother was bitten and Alix had to kill him before he came back as one of them. Since that night, she's been alone and refusing to team up with anyone else.

    » 26 Inch Expandable Steel Baton, Painted Black.
    » Machete, Worn over the shoulder.

» Small semi-automatic handgun, worn on back of belt.
» Party Poppers (small white sacks you throw on the ground to emit loud noises, good for distracting herds of zombies).
» Flashlight, worn on side of belt.
    « Black Spandex Shirt and Pants, for mobility.
    « Leather shoulder pads, chest guard, belt, gloves, arm and leg bracers, to protect from bites.
    « Goggles and Face mask, to protect from fluids.
    « Second-Hand Army-issue combat boots, steel-toed.
    « Elbow and Knee pads, to protect joints.

I almost forgot: Alix is the kind of person who will run away from a herd of zombies as opposed to running into a battle. Unless the setting and the circumstances are in her favor, Alix roams alone, doesn't ever confront any zombies, and makes sure to keep away from any living or walking dead things.

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