wahmbulance ARTIST! ARTIST! wahmbulance
I am a artist I am good at drawing. So if you want me to draw anything..yeah. The gold amount depends on how tricky it looks and is to draw. Highest amount would be 800,000 gold. Lowest 15,000 gold. So PM me if u want anything drawn for you. I will give virtual art lessons. If you give me something that is to hard to draw then I will try If you dont like what you got I will give you your gold back! I know you all are Wanting do be drawn! I love drawing and drawing your stuff will give me practice so we both have a benifit from this stuff! I love drawing! But sometimes I just cant think of what to draw! Comment on this entry for ideas or Pm me. You can also Comment here if you wanna drawing! Ask me for Example art. Dont forget to hug the panda! Thnx Cya! heart