Johan Brauer

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Name: Johan Brauer

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Student or Teacher?: Teacher, "Introduction to Magic, and other nifty things"

Powers/Abilites: Ice Magic

Personality: Johan is an extremely happy individual, always hyper, and is easily excitable. He has difficulty with English, due to his coming to America very recently for a teaching position.
Biography: Johan is originally from a small village on the Austrian countryside. Rolling hills. High, scenic mountains. Great expanses of emerald green grass. All beautiful, and all hated by Johan. For his entire life, Johan had hated living in the country, and longed for city life. He got his opportunity to leave when, one day, the Austrian mafia came rolling into town to start "recruiting". Johan was taken at the age of twelve and trained as an assassin, specifically for the killing of mages. At the age of twenty-six Johan broke free of his handler and killed him, then took out the mob itself. He's been on the run ever since.