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Name:Ferox (fur-ox) Leonus (adapted last name)

Aliases/ Nicknames: Fox

Age: 22

Physical Description: At a height of 6’0, Fox is tall compared to the average woman. She’s very fit with a, toned, muscular build of someone who is often associated with an athlete. She has short, wild, blonde hair that fades between true blonde and dark dirty blonde. Her eyes match her hair with a heavy golden brown color that is rarely seen in normal human beings. All of these feature blend smoothly with her heavily tanned complexion. Knowing that her blonde hair and gold eyes are the highlight of her features, Fox usually wears articles of clothing with some form of gold in it.

Special Accessories: Fox wears expert rock climbing gloves as well as goggles in case of extreme situations. She wears a tool belt that doubles as her pokeball belt that is equipped with several knives and clamps along with compasses, maps, and other things that one would find on a frequent outdoor traveler.

Marvel City Badge

Skills: As a known thrill seeker, Fox demonstrates a never dying urge to do the impossible. This prompts her to do the unthinkable such as camping in extreme places, climbing heights with little to no gear, swimming in arctic temperatures, and running races in scorching hot deserts. Her body is trained to take the harshness of the elements and she’s more adept to physical strain than most. Fox is an expert knife thrower and is 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido martial arts. Despite this, she isn’t very keen on evaluating situations before jumping head long into them which has gotten her into trouble more than once.

Personality: Extremely headstrong and brash, Ferox is seen as either completely stupid or extremely brave. While she isn’t stupid, she doesn’t consider herself brave either. She knows her limits, but choses to push them just for fun, but when she knows something will go wrong, she does back down. She also isn’t one to help someone who is in danger. Fox strongly believes in “survival of the fittest” and figures that if the person managed to get themselves into the problem they can get out. This is usually followed by a confident, yet slightly sadistic, smirk just before she walks off. Fox doesn’t care much for laws either. As a child, she broke plenty of laws without remorse, but she prides herself with the fact that she was rarely ever caught. This has made her extremely cocky.

Pokemon: Total #: 17 Pokemon

Pokemon #1 (Sam- Samurott) (Male): Egg Move; Detect TM; Dig, Ice Beam, Aerial Ace HM; Surf

Pokemon #12 (Pan- Rapidash) (Male): Egg Move; Morning Sun TM; Double Team, Sunny Day, Solar Beam HM; Strength

Pokemon #9 (Mien- Mienshao) (Female): Egg Move; Endure TM; Acrobatics, Focus Blast, Double Team HM; Rock Smash

Pokemon #11 (Cham- Medicham) (Male): Egg Move;Psycho Cut TM; Protect, Telekinesis, Swagger HM; Flash

Pokemon #16 (Bre- Shroomish) (Female): Egg Move; Bullet Seed TM; Double Team HM; Flash

Pokemon #13 ( Dratini) (Male): Egg Move; Extreme Speed TM; Flamethrower HM; None (will be Fly)

Pokemon #6 (Yama- Hariyama) (Male): Egg Move; Bullet Punch TM; Stone Edge, Double Team, Focus Blast HM; Strength

Pokemon #2 (Tox- Toxicroak) (Male): Egg Move;Drain Punch TM; Rain Dance, Double Team, Stone Edge HM; Rock Smash

Pokemon #7 (Sabe- Sableye) (Female): Egg Move; Recover TM; Brick Break, Double Team, Telekinesis HM; Cut

Pokemon #17 (Toa- Palpitoad) (Male): Egg Move; Earth Power TM; Double Team, Scald

Pokemon #4 (Ra- Ralts) (Female): Egg Move; Mean Look TM; Psyshock

Pokemon #3 (Po- Poliwag) (Male): Egg Move; Mind Reader TM; Ice Beam

Pokemon #5 (Lee- Ledyba) (Female): Egg Move; Drain Punch TM; Dig

Pokemon #8 (Ros-Roselia) (Female): Egg Move; Mind Reader TM; Sunny Day, Sludge Bomb

Pokemon #10 (Foo- Mienfoo) (Male): Egg Move; Feint TM; Aerial Ace

Pokemon #14 (Emet- Shelmet) ( Female): Egg Move; Mind Reader TM; Venoshock

Pokemon #15 (Tad- Lotad) (Male): Egg Move; Teeter Dance TM; Protect

Pokemon #17 (Gol-Golett) (None): Tutor Move; Stealth Rock TM; Shadow Ball

Pokemon # () (): Egg Move; TM;

Biography/History: At a young age, Ferox was an advent adventurer. It wasn’t unusual for her to wander off on her own. When she came back, she always had stories to tell of new things that she had discovered. Originally from Stroud City, Ferox traveled to many different cities after, inadvertently, running away from home. It wasn’t until she was caught stealing from the wealthy family of the Leonus that she thought about what she would do with her life. The Leonus family tradition was to go into the military and the head of the house had chastised her for not thinking about her future properly. Now, Ferox wasn’t into military things, but she did find some of their activities to be interesting. After seeing the heir to the Leonus name practicing martial arts, Ferox begged to be taught as well. By the age of 13, Ferox had been hired as Nero’s babysitter and playmate. She passed him in Hapkido and was always one step ahead of him when it came to physical training. However, her dislike for military tactics and terms made her a great friend of Nero’s as he also despised the military ways. When Nero reached his 18th birthday, Ferox (who Nero often called Fox) encouraged Nero to leave his family’s estate and pursue his own dream. He agreed to do it and asked if Ferox would follow her own advice. She merely replied “I’ll think about it.” and left it at that. Several months after Nero left to become a trainer, Ferox was climbing to the top of Mt. Hitchcock when a fierce wind dislodged several rocks above her and started a miniature rockslide. With nowhere to go, Ferox braced for an impact that never came. A family of Medicham and Meditite had taken it upon themselves to destroy the falling rocks. Despite the fact that they had disappeared as soon as the deed was done, it gave Ferox a new respect for pokemon; fighting types in general. A month later, she was determined to be a pokemon trainer. She figured she’d aim to become a great trainer, but not aim for such high rankings such as Champion. It was all fun and games for her, so it really didn’t matter.